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2015 exotic swimsuit fashion phenomenology

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-11
CAKIPA 2016 exotic flower as a swimsuit fashion phenomenology has independent brand swimwear swimsuit manufacturers, beautiful swimsuit famous '2016 unique swimsuit fashion phenomenology' as the theme, mixed with nostalgic retro avant-garde with dream, in the form of its best line shape and artistic design, fashion color, manual accessories, the combination of present classic fashionable feeling, give people the high grade swimsuit fashion new experience. Presents a 'look back' 'blossom', 'national wind' 'luxury' four series of bathing suit. With full of charm of surrealism technique opens up a shuttle in classic and fashion aesthetic travel, not only fit the style restoring ancient ways and release the modern holiday atmosphere, bring infinite daydream. This year in the classic elements of the past again transformed into a new fashion, elegant and delicate vividly on the swimsuit. Tall waist line design of bud silk dress, with vivid stereo ornamental design, like flowing silhouetted against a graceful lithe and graceful body appearance, romantic and elegant; Nail bead, the heavy and complicated process, nail exquisite manual trace, much a few minutes of intriguing sense; Have the characteristics of Renaissance art streamline, hollow out, edging details highlighting the swimsuit bright colorful appearance and perceived value, emphasis on elegant type of cultivate one's morality version is a new interpretation of the classic in their 50 s.
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