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'3 without' the swimsuit swimming trunks easy to cause skin irritation

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-19
CAKIPA '3 without' the swimsuit swimming trunks easy to cause skin irritation of summer, swimming became a lot of residents of the summer, swimsuit also became 'good catch'. Some wholesale market sales of swimsuit, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, the price disparity is bigger, also some special price cheap swimsuits unexpectedly is '3 without' product. Professionals to remind: '3 without' swimsuit all exist the phenomenon of excess chemical composition, easy to cause skin allergy. With less swimsuit material, process is relatively simple, the current production swimsuit is mostly small workshops, a well-known brand of bathing suit is rare in the market. Sold on the market '3 without' swimsuit, widespread excess chemical composition problem, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, benzene and other chemicals are harmful to human body, the chemical composition of the paint is most likely to cause skin irritation, and swimsuit is contained in the chemical composition of soaked in water and sunlight will accelerate the release of harmful substances, swimsuits color more bright-coloured, the greater the smell, the more its chemical composition. Some swimsuit manufacturers in order to make the product look is no longer a '3 without' product, also want to some of the tips, such as in a bathing suit marked on the label of 'material' column indicating 80% nylon, 20% spandex, but other product information is very vague; Some content of the label mark IN English writing, actually has the words 'MADE IN CHINA', CHINA MADE products are not Chinese, also does not provide any manufacturer and address information, obviously not qualified products. , professional personage warns a citizen: hot summer weather, the body's skin was more sensitive, and things such as bathing suit is more close, if the permeability is bad, or quality closes nevertheless, will affect the health. Suggest the consumers to normal bazaar buy best annotation is complete, reliable quality and safety of the swimsuit, should pay attention to the product at the same time, the standard of choosing a class B products which can direct contact with the skin. For the ultra low-cost swimsuit, consumers to polish eyes, cautious to buy.
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