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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 Bathing suit can wear a swimsuit and underwear when underwear what difference

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-27
Swimsuit factory swimsuit factory summer comes with a beautiful swimsuit is essential choice, a lot of people can't distinguish the difference between the swimsuit and underwear, see below in this paper! Swimsuit can wear it when underwear underwear should select the close-fitting, elastic, absorb sweat, cotton bathing suit is too tight, do not absorb sweat, so is not recommended. Say too tight underwear clothing comfortable and conducive to the circulation of the blood. As long as you like, have what can't? Only dry may just as well, perspire all over sex is completely different, the swimsuit is the basic need not calculate the water with your sweat and wetness problems, such as bathing suit is the most important thing is to aesthetic feeling and prevent run two key. No, because the suits made of nylon fabric is not good for skin leather swimsuit factory don't wear is best when it is best to choose cotton underwear is by its female lace is very bad to the skin should pay attention to oh! Swimsuits and what are the difference between a swimsuit and underwear underwear mainly in the difference between a function and production of fabrics and appearance design in three aspects. 1 different swimsuit to fit the underwater motion function, which requires the swimsuit to waterproof swimwear factory, elastic, and in the process of the underwater movement to the water resistance is smaller, in order to achieve this, the swimsuit will be designed to be very tight style. The main to underwear clothing comfort cannot too tight, so it better close skin, air permeability, hygroscopicity, always adhere to the skin is dry. 2 different fabrics swimsuit and underwear fabric material Angle is exactly the opposite mainly reflects on the hydrophilic fabric. Bathing suit commonly used dupont lycra, waterproof and elastic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and good water imbibition underwear much cotton fabric production. 3 different appearance outside the swimsuit is in the design of comparison pay attention to visual effect, the material is relatively thick, fashionable appearance, and the style is various, decorative pattern varied also. And underwear to wear in the inside, thinner material, pure color is given priority to, design also no swimsuit. Swimsuit generally only when swimming in summer, and underwear to wear all the year round, the swimsuit underwear can not be replaced, the former swimsuit factory as a swimsuit didn't have the air permeability and moisture absorption, underwear again, also can't replace the swimsuit, underwear is underwear don't have the swimsuit waterproof, and cotton underwear after absorbing water becomes translucent, easy to cause the embarrassing situation. Wear swimsuit precautions against too small or swimming swimming, exercise a bit not careful will make sexy swimsuit embarrassed embarrassing female. Want to avoid exposed, the test of careful and careful, careful observation his move, carefully prepared clothes to fit me. Clear hair to extremely high bikini, the skin will be redundant hair clean but necessary for example armpit areas such as the arms, legs, arm swimsuit factory, attention should be paid to prevent scratch when hair removal, careful flooding bacteria influence can have certain influence on recovery. Uv protection should be careful not to let his own skin by the strong sunshine. Beach should apply sunscreen over 50 times, and insist on filling besmear 30 minutes, in order to achieve the best effect of sunscreen. Domestic swimsuit has been on the market position, which may be embarrassing always cannot be linked to fashion. But conversely, it is because of the lack of brand effect, the market value of the domestic swimsuit always cannot ascend. Ordinary consumers in general are near the swimming pool, bath special swimming supplies shop to buy a swimsuit. Is another part of sporting goods counter purchase. Swimming because of the movement, not only need a swimsuit need some other accessories. For example: swimming, diving glasses, earplugs, etc. In terms to buy lunch, consumers would have to a one-time the need to promote the complete store items not specifically to underwear brand shop to buy a swimsuit, and then go to other places to buy goods such as swim ring. In addition, one year after the survey found most consumers are replacing a bathing suit, a few are two years will replace. Use cycle is short, replace the high frequency for ordinary consumers are less willing to spend big price 'investment on the swimsuit. In the inside of the lingerie store brand underwear, price at RMB five centuries, even thousands of yuan. For bathing suit this kind of fast food consumption of clothing products, brand swimwear high prices clearly beyond the ordinary consumers of psychological and economic capacities. Every summer, large supermarket, general stores and even clothing wholesale market, about $100 yuan of the bathing suit has been a popular varieties. This also reflects the objective demand of consumers, and a swimsuit in the most ideal price.
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