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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 Bathing suit different pattern suitable for what! !

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-28
Greg two-piece (sea Split type) Two-piece, generally is also known as fission type, refers to the separate suit jacket and trousers, a bikini and general two head type. The bikini is also called the three point, is undoubtedly the focus of all the swimsuit, its characteristic is with makings is very little. Have to confess the bikini is the most attractive eye swimsuit, if you have a proud and confident, so please don't hesitate. Suitable for A font size: you can choose some were folding design, more have stereo feeling. Choose a bit more bright eye mei red, yellow, condensed the line of sight in the upper body. V: bikini or of the type that wipe a bosom is detachable straps would be better. Choose colorful swimming trunks, design can be exaggerated, both sides have bowknot is better. A type ( Even the asana) One-piece bathing suit can be divided into shoulder belt type and tube type. If you are a traditional lady, so the upper part of the body such as vest shoulder belt type swimsuit will be a good choice. Shoulder belt type sometimes also can give a person a little surprise, such as a head one shoulder. Another deep open chest and winding style swimsuit, to narrow the wide shape is the best. Suitable for big chest, chest is Big Ben is a proud thing, but often beautiful swimsuit, is greater than the design of C cup. D cup to F cup actually bigger sizes swimsuit does not necessarily not good-looking, advised to choose a good supportive, and steel belt and shoulder strap a bathing suit. Well-developed type: select a bathing suit when you hide your belly, you can choose to have obvious thin body effect of dark suits. Tall waist swimming trunks is a good choice, geometric patterns and highlight the waist wetsuit and with a bathing suit will be very well. Drum drum the existence of the swimsuit is a chic garment body is like a drum, plus the harness, higher requirements on figure. The swimsuit can lower the opacity of the chest and buttocks, gao cai2 bottom can make the leg ministry line appears longer. There is no doubt that the emergence of the swimsuit very good maintenance of the ladies at the same time also love swimming foil a your slender legs. Suitable size 8: almost ideal figure, choose the swimsuit as long as the appropriate size, base, there is no any problem in cylinder is just for the sake of trying new styles. So the girls just as well bold attempt all sorts of individualizing swimsuit, can bring new and fresh. Long: trim long figure can harness most suits, wear cylinder is also for the sake of diversity. Chest have fold, or slightly has gathered the effect will be very good, in addition, the ability to control the triangle bikini. Swimwear factory, xiamen swimsuit factory, swimsuit processing, wholesale swimsuits, swimwear factory in shenzhen, zhongshan suit factory, guangzhou swimwear factory, bikini, underwear, underwear, bras, chest circumference, swimsuit, swimsuit, bikini, swim trunks, children suit, one-piece, bikini, swimwear, bikini swimsuit, haile, OEM, ODM, swimsuit design, swimsuit, swimsuit processing, bathing suits, suit factory
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