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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 You don't know hot spring little common sense ( A) !

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-30
Bathing suits China, the definition of hot spring is accord with swimsuit wholesale hot springs, hot spring water and water vapor ( Containing gases dissolved in hot spring water) Hot spring water Wells including natural or man-made extraction of warm water, cold water and water vapor ( Containing gases dissolved in hot spring water) Measurement of the surface temperature is higher than or equal to 30 ℃; If the temperature below 30 ℃ swimsuit wholesale water, the fountain of the water quality conforms to the hot spring water quality component specification, also as a hot spring. Wholesale swimsuit history hot spring culture originated in where? The answer may have old must not take an examination of the han dynasty zhang heng fu 'temperature liquid essence of Tokyo, black stone Zi Dan. The song dynasty su shi yu togeher volcanic crack 'to sing of the essence, Bi boiling essence note. Bei qing dynasty swimsuit wholesale Sun Zhiwei recluse poetry from # 2: temperature when such as essence, men's and women's bath. All recorded ancient people bubble essence. And qin shihuang built 'mount li soup' to treat the swimsuit plant survival, chui fook for shanhai find elixir, drifting to Japan and wakayama, local still retained the spa chui fook, 'the soup. 'Hot spring palace poet in the tang dynasty, emperor taizong builds also left a lot of creation, powder beauty from hot spring bathing, which China has a long history of hot spring culture. Efficacy ( A) The curative effect of hot spring generally has the following ( A) 1. Metabolism: soak hot springs can promote metabolism; Accelerated oxidation reduction effect, the hydration swimsuit factory compound carbon metabolism also has a good swimsuit factory good effect, so can make the hyperplasia of insulin, the excretion of urine and nitrogen increased the swimsuit factory, for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, gout, obesity, etc. Also has curative effect. 2. Treatment of skin diseases: soak, dilated vessels in the skin, can improve skin blood circulation and organization camp swimsuit swimsuit factory factory, enhance skin's resistance; In addition to fair sterilization, peels; So, often soak hot springs, the scabies, grease leakage swimsuit wholesale sexual dermatitis, acne, skin conditions such as prurigo has curative effect. 3. Improve cardiovascular disease: soak hot springs, because skin vasodilation, visceral swimsuit factory blood to swimsuit wholesale surface transfer swimsuit wholesale, so improving the blood circulation, eliminate the venous blood stasis swimsuit wholesale swimsuits wholesale, slow pulse, heart blood stroke displacement increases at a time. According to confirmed that patients with high blood pressure because of dilated vessels in the body, can make blood pressure drops; While the hypotensive can make blood pressure. So for mild blood circulation insufficiency, valvular heart disease or high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis early have prevention and cure function. Efficacy ( 2) 4. Will soothe nerve tissue: soak hot springs swimsuit wholesale soothe nerve tissue, eliminate nervous dysfunction, and promote the nerve regeneration, for the neuritis, muscle paralysis has curative effect. 5. Prevention and treatment of chronic arthritis: soak hot springs can alleviate joint ligaments taut, improve the metabolism of articular cartilage in the swimsuit factory, eliminate pain, restore swimsuit factory complex joint activity ability; Have a good effect on prevention and control of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Hot spring bath not only promote the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and mineral hot spring itself through the skin into the body skin, more highlight its beauty, beautiful skin effect. All say South Korea beautiful woman, in addition to the ecstasy of the cosmetic surgery, is all love hot spring bath. Efficacy ( 3) There are data show that hot springs hot bath not only can make the muscles, joints, relaxation, eliminate fatigue; Still can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of human body. In addition, most hot springs contain rich chemicals, have certain help to the human body. For example, hot spring the calcium carbonate has considerable effect to improve the physique, restores the physical strength; And hot springs rich in calcium, potassium, radon and other components to adjust the heart cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, gout, neuralgia, arthritis, etc were swimsuit wholesale a certain effect. People soak in hot springs, pore will soon open, can release the calories, can eliminate body heat, treats the symptoms. Hot spring water after filtration of underground strata, mass of small water molecules, permeability is strong, a good method to whole body nourishing moisturizing, soak the hot spring bath with Chinese herbal medicine, at the same time also can preserve one's health, beauty, body, etc. See so many hot springs and efficacy of knowledge, is not also want to eager a dip hot spring bathing suit factory for? Long-term work desk is no swimsuit factory give you brought a lot of discomfort, and cervical spine slowly in spinal pain? When young bears the burden of responsibility of work also for wholesale swimsuits body many sequela? Work after the body tired, really want to quickly get slow?
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