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Bikini swimsuit manufacturer to teach you the right to choose

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-01
Yodea bikini swimsuit manufacturer to teach you the right to choose sorching summer, there are many beautiful girls to go to the beach to play, only to find that the choose and buy a satisfying bikini is an almost impossible task. Seems to most of us may have chosen the wrong doesn't suit her body styles, in order to avoid minefields, how to choose the appropriate bikini? Here are some professional swimsuit manufacturer puts forward some advice to consumers, you can follow to buy: high-waisted bikini pants: this type of bikini pants more and stocky, not too can spin proportions, instead more show short legs, buttocks. Neutral bikini pants: the sports bikini pants more neutral, but more can cause poor vision, slightly boo. Fabric is thicker bikini pants: integral feeling material is thick, the bikini pants slightly bloated, hips slightly flat. Folding belt bikini pants: the most suitable girl hourglass shape, folding belt can perfect shade XiaoDu belly, at the same time make buttocks more compact. Sexy trunks: can stretch the leg proportion, pants edge irregular clipping all show feminine flavour. Lateral buckling bikini pants: this bikini pants don't choose as far as possible, not only has enough shade to the waist, did not highlight. Brazil trunks: special recommends the briefs, clipping in place, good highlights the waist curve, more hip small become warped. Adjustable bikini pants: not recommended. Clipping inappropriate, really most of the hip, does not look sexy.
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