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Children swimsuit is only sixty percent qualified products in the market

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-18
Yodea nonconforming product on the market only sixty percent of children swimsuit is cheap swimsuits are likely to be the 'one-time swimsuit in a wholesale market, all kinds of' cute 'children's bathing suit was hanging in a conspicuous position, but the price is low. Children swimwear wholesale shop, these children swimwear take goods from 11 to 15 yuan, cheap. Another store door, a big box is filled with a variety of children's swimwear, it also set up a sign, 'ten five'. After careful observation, found that these swimsuit doesn't have any label on the packaging, belong to '3 without' product. At the other store, the store some swimsuit is incomplete. The children swimwear wholesale shop owner said, 'a see will know, this is made of milk silk, wear a cannot be, milk silk is the worst. 'The owner said, some cheap swimsuits are likely to be' one-off bathing suit ', mainly sold in swimming around. Subsequently, the reporter also came to a big city, where most of the children swimming suit in one hundred yuan of above, ok even thousands of yuan. So why children swimsuit price differ so big? After the examination, SGS sgs-cstc textile products, the company said the test result is unqualified, straight to the measuring results is 75% standard requirement is greater than or equal to 100% so it is clearly not qualified products. 'Said and testing personnel, the tensile properties of the swimsuit is not standard, because manufacturers on the materials. Better swimsuit spandex to around 18%, spandex contribution on tensile properties is the biggest of all. So the tensile properties of the swimsuit is not standard, what's the harm? Ross jay thinks, may go swimming after wearing, your action will be big, stretch is not very comfortable, on the one hand you again repeated tensile deformation will be back to less than the original size. Pick a swimsuit pay attention to quality problems of safety first in the face of all kinds of the swimsuit, parents should how to make the right choice? Inspectors to tell you that pick swimsuit first to see the color of the swimsuit. For example some bright colors, if the accident, rescue opportunity is larger, the yellow and orange is the color of choice. All kinds of swimsuit in terms of design, testing, each have advantages and disadvantages, parents can choose according to the child's age and needs. Conjoined, benefit is the navel of children protection, not cold catch cold catch cold, split type a benefit is easy to wear and take off, go to the toilet is more convenient. When buying a swimsuit, swimsuit quality and how to distinguish? First of all depends on the tensile properties. Straight to the drawing is to be able to reach 100% of the stretching force, the transverse stretching force requirement is 80%. At the same time, the parents still have to pay attention to, children swimsuit try not to pull on the rope. Because these parts easily when children are swimming, stuck his neck, cause an accident.
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