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【 Choose the swimsuit for 】 Cold spell hit, ready for the hot spring bathing suit to a said come away trip!

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-19
Yodea into winter, fabric cold snap hit, I think the best enjoy is a said come away hot spring trip, choose a beautiful swimsuit, invite a couple of sisters, enjoy a winter in the warm spring fashion big pie. Bubble hot spring is not only the warm happiness, but there are many become beautiful secret: bubble hot spring can make the body cells in the body under the static state of body movement, this kind of games to burn fat, and nano small molecular group water can dissolve subcutaneous fat, formation of sweat out of the body. The sweat gland is similar to our usual use protect skin to taste, can let the skin more smooth and delicate. According to medical experts, each cumulative bubble hot springs in half an hour, the equivalent of jogging for two kilometers exercise. At the same time, the spa for cold dampness constitution especially effective. Cold is ease and moisture grinds to many conditions the main factors. Cold dampness gas blocked our channels and collaterals, cause a variety of physical discomfort. Spas by reflecting the launch of the biological body wave, can make the cells to produce resonance, so as to achieve discharge cold dampness of the air, the purpose of through channels and collaterals. Hot spring can also improve mental state. Can eliminate fatigue, loose bones and muscles, relieve pain, to fully feel completely relaxed. After the baptism of hot springs, all full of energy. Hot spring tour you ready? If need the swimsuit, please find our oh this department provides: wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit processing, bathing suits, such as Japan and South Korea swimsuit processing production, OEM orders, a model: substituting services such as proofing time 7 days, proofing fee is in commonly 300 yuan, according to the materials in terms of work. Delivery time: 45 - after the final order Within 60 days of wholesale items: 1, about the stock, delivery, transport: ( 1) Contact documentary personnel to ask for the quotation sheet ( 2) After the confirmation of the order, just 1 - 5 working days to arrange the delivery; ( 3) General to express, arranged by us as the most convenient mode of transportation, shipping costs borne by. 2, about the price, settlement: ( 1) Above quotation is factory price, including packaging, no tax; ( 2) Received the full shipment of xiamen sea Greg swimsuit factory warmly welcome the from all walks of life to come to visit, investigate, exchange and cooperation phone/WeChat: 15626889421 WeChat with xie
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