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Choose which need pay attention to women's bathing suit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-14
Yodea high-quality women's bathing suit need to pay attention to what the swimsuit, good elasticity, water imbibition is weak, reduces the resistance of swimming, wear close-fitting and comfortable, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall is fast, good wash, easy dry. Choose suits own swimsuit, first of all should according to the size and color of skin. The skin fair-skinneds in vain man suited to wear black, navy, or brightly colored swimsuit. Dark-skinned people wear white or fluorescent suit better. Full size must choose concise style swimsuit, but not necessarily and busy swimsuit. Tall waist, high swimsuit, can make the figure appears slender. Was a rich man, try to avoid too light in color for the swimsuit, straight stripe or flower design to be able to appear people thin. In addition, the best choice after conservative suit. Round shape, to hide the waist and buttock, swim skirt is a good choice. Thin suit busy type swimsuit. If more conservative, can choose color slants shallow wetsuit. In addition, buy a rope waist swimming trunks, had better not buy triangle, because of the triangular swimming trunks for water resistance is big, swim might take off your swimming trunks, can buy and your skin close to together. Choose suit the heaviest if see material pledge note the swimsuit is not the more expensive the better. Material, flexibility is the most important, style and design and color, is it is ok to choose according to your hobbies. The swimsuit material on the market at present are mainly composed of spandex. Spandex content of international standard is around 18%, better swimsuit, one is to reach 18 & amp; The content of spandex. Good suit should be pulled tight, of course, the greater the elastic is not the better, but the springback better recovery, drawing many times still can return to the same good
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