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Foreign media to predict the winter Olympics China only had two gold, grossly undervalued? It only took the previous three gold

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-17
Say the recent body hot spring bathing suit the development of community was concerned about the event, the most natural is the pyeongchang winter Olympics on February 9, 1 swimsuit processing at 9 o 'clock, this belongs to sports fans around the world a swimsuit processing her opening ceremony will be held a feast, opening of the winter Olympics. When it comes to the nature of the world's games, people naturally think of the most can represent athletes in the first time of personal and national honor the 'small hot spring bathing suit wholesale stuff' gold wholesale hot spring bathing suit. Where is the summer hot spring bathing suit wholesale conference, whether at the Olympic Games, China swimsuit processing has been hot spring bathing suit wholesale are leading the way that the existence of the Chinese delegation to Han Zheng draw prosperous Olympic winter games, can get much hot spring bathing suit wholesale gold medal, also is the topic that people care about, and care about not only the people, even foreign media hot spring bathing suit wholesale body for China quite concerned about the effect of this time. Famous sports media 'sports illustrated swimsuit machining swimsuit' must have a lot of NBA fans will not for this often appear in front of big IP stranger? Just for China this time to the effect of hot spring bathing suits batch sent out own forecasts, only the last case, seems to be not so optimistic. Sports illustrated that swimsuit processing in China this time, says it will not so good, can only get two gold MEDALS in many projects, and total MEDALS list also even can't get into the top 10. As luck would have it, a vast country, sent so many athletes to take part in the race, but only can get two gold MEDALS? Such forecasts, think alone feel hot spring bathing suit wholesale as a mystery. In particular sports illustrated for host country South Korea hot spring bathing suits are quite bullish on wholesale team, think to the end of the race, income can be seven gold MEDALS. And, the somebody else not only gives the Chinese can get how many gold hot spring bathing suit wholesale forecast, which is also gives China the last two projects get the gold medal, and get the gold medal, athletes swimsuit processing honor for the country and who. The forecast is given Wu Dajing and Xu Mengtao. Wu Dajing is 500 meters short track speed skating athletes, and is also regarded as one of the most powerful gold project. Bathing suit processing hot spring bathing suit wholesale sochi Olympics in 2014, got a silver medal, which is also regarded as a champion of hot swimsuit processing door. If the last really blessed by sports illustrated, then the Chinese short track speed skating boys will achieve gold medal zero breakthrough. And the other one is Xu Mengtao, born in 1990 in liaoning girl swimsuit processing. Xu Mengtao is Chinese freestyle skiing aerial skill women main swimsuit processing force players hot spring bathing suit wholesale, also is the project of world leaders, have completed the grand slam, swimsuit processing by this project, all the champion of the tournament, but only a bathing suit processing alone the lack of a gold medal in the Olympics, so this time whether he can get, is quite important, but her strength, and make the possibility of his interpreta dream also becomes quite large. Swimsuit factory swimwear factory in xiamen, shenzhen, foshan, swimwear factory, zhongshan suit factory, guangzhou swimwear factory, guangdong swimwear factory, swimsuit wholesale, wholesale, swimsuit swimming trunks wholesale, wholesale hot spring bathing suit, bathing suit brand, swimsuit manufacturers, swimsuit manufacturers, one-piece, swimsuit, ms man swimming trunks, children swimwear, bikini, swimming equipment, swimsuit processing, custom suits, foreign trade, wholesale swimsuits
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