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Four kinds of shape how to choose the swimsuit avoid exposure

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-10
CAKIPA four figure how to choose the swimsuit avoid exposing a large chest girl suits to choose fold one-piece, while the chest big girl always can kill a holder at the beach, but their 'burden' you may not know. So when choosing the swimsuit they will be more 'critical', because both must have the support, and to comfort you also need to have a good line. Has a steel ring swimsuit can be fixed chest, besides must choose adjustable shoulder straps, this allows you to adjust to the most comfortable position. It is important to note that the wide shoulder straps can bring more powerful support, but don't choose is neck, it will bring harm to your neck and shoulders. In addition, besides the chest big for upper body also slightly fat girl, choose to fold or light color can be everyone's eyes from the chest. Children should be choose print swimsuit figure of the girl, if you belong to the chest, then don't go to breast augmentation, big supermodels are the airport, such ability is higher. But that doesn't mean you can just wear a swimsuit jumped into pieces, others would think that a man wear women's clothes. Small breasts MM printed should choose the swimsuit of heavy and complicated, stripes, plaid, broken flower can confuse everyone's vision. Another fold, small falbala and bowknot adornment is very important, it have breast implants than you wear a swimsuit is more effective, it makes your chest look bigger. Single shoulder or neck section can also be moved all eyes into your neck and shoulders, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses to all showed the most advantage of the part to the right. Women with thick waist to compare, can choose color matching swimsuit, 'apple' figure of a girl, so big piece of the color matching swimsuit is preferred, in the middle of the swimsuit will the joining together of a dark ribbon apple shape immediately into an hourglass figure, at the same time combined with belt design swimsuit can also achieve the same effect. You need to learn is to choose can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses of color piece, let you seem to have a curve. Little girl, want to choose color swimsuit to stretch ratio, short. Although jumped into the water, but the shore long legs MM eyes how so much? Same color matching is used to break the proportion of the plain in the end, wide fine different stripe and geometric lines of color piece color matching can achieve excellent results. If you think his leg is not long enough, then choose a high waist line, or printing can suit under the middle section, it can stretch the leg. If you are thin, then choose a low-cut swimsuit can make you look more long.
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