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From different point of view the safety of the swimsuit performance metrics

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-07
CAKIPA from different point of view safety performance index of the swimsuit knitted swimwear is made of knitted fabrics is suitable for swimming clothes, also widely used in the beach leisure, water sports such as rowing. Knitting swimsuit can be divided into separation swimsuit, swimsuit and swim trunks three types. There even a suit main tube and condole belt, two-piece swimsuit mainly skirt pendulum, high waist, bikini, and so on. At present domestic main knitting swimsuit quality safety standard GB 5296. 4 - 2012 'consumer goods instructions part 4: textiles and apparel instructions, GB - 18401 2010 'national textile product basic safety technical specifications', GB/T 22852 - Knitted swimwear fabrics and FZ/T 2009-73013 2010 knitting a swimsuit. These safety standards from the Angle of different knitting swimsuit has carried on the specifications and requirements, main specifications in respect of the performance index fiber component content, tensile elastic elongation and resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) The tensile elastic recovery rate. The fiber content is refers to the proportion of fiber types and various kinds of clothing materials, such as 20% 80% nylon/spandex, it affects the wearing comfort of swimsuit, washing maintenance, etc. , is decided to use one of the important indicators of the performance of the swimsuit. Tensile elastic elongation refers to the specified load under the action of the length of the swimming fabric elongation percentage relative to the length of the original, is an important to evaluate whether a swimsuit wear comfortable index, elongation is too small for the swimsuit wear tight, easy to cause the body unwell. Resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) Tensile elasticity is swimming after wearing using deformation response evaluation, chlorinated water resistant ( Swimming pool) Poor tensile elasticity swimwear is easy to deformation is serious, after wearing elasticity loss is bigger, the value of the lost continue to wear. Provisions in respect of safety indicators, color fastness, formaldehyde content, ph value can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes content requirements. Formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating odor, soluble in water and organic matter, textiles in the process of resin finishing and fixation treatment will be used. GB 18401 - According to the baby products (2010 Class A) And direct contact with the skin products ( B) And the direct contact with the skin products ( C) Classification was carried out respectively after limited: A kind of 20 mg/kg, MAO B class ( C class (75 mg/kg, Europe and the United States and 300 mg/kg, instruction and the actual controllers of the current internationally accepted standards. PH value is an indicator of pH examination fabrics, due to the human body skin weak acid ( Healthy skin pH in 5. 0 - 5. 6) between 。 GB 18401 - 2010 specified products come into direct contact with the skin pH value in 4. 0 - 8. 5, products without direct contact to skin pH value in 4. 0 - - ” 9. Within 0, beyond the scope of all is unqualified, is to ensure the safety of the product. The European Union and European countries have the corresponding rules, China as the mandatory standard of set limit to, strict in eu laws and regulations. Mainly examine dye fastness to adhere to the fiber, fabric fastness, especially the swimsuit are washed, insolation, perspiration, swimming pool water immersion or object of the change of colour and lustre after friction. GR 1 x401 - 2010 disabled can restore carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes for 24, in line with international standards, the highest limited value of 20 mg/kg, strict in the European Union banned dyes rules textile carcinogenic aromatic amine concentration at 30 mg/kg.
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