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How is a swimsuit manufacturer to product testing

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-01
Yodea swimsuit manufacturers how to product test: a test, check on strength between strength is the most basic strength index, test and overalls zipper teeth in interlock condition, the ability to resist lateral force, this is very similar with the actual use of state. Second, between strength test measurement swimsuit manufacturer zipper strength method has a lot of, but the basic strength requirements can be through the following several test methods, and from the results of these tests can determine different USES of the chain of quality. Three, pull head locking strength test split swimsuit manufacturer of intubation and socket to resist external force damage, fixture respectively fixed split up and down around the edge, to pull even with closed cases, start and thought. Four, split between powerful test will pull head to bottom seam allowance, around to pull teeth were divided into two departments, retraction of the left and right sides of the sprocket can be to measurement check be destroyed under the force required, and the measurement head against the force of internal components. 5, check the strength test of chain tooth interlock, and will head to the upper seam allowance, holding her head, this time can check power measurement overalls zipper, this is to simulate the overalls zipper in a state, the pull head cross check pulled off or on the check from the ribbed moves on the ability to resist the external force.
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