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How to prevent fog swimming equipment against the goggles

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-23
Yodea how to prevent fog swimming equipment against the goggles after the weather gets cold, and found some swimming enthusiasts wearing goggles when swimming, swimming goggles particularly prone to fog, bring swimming a lot. Xiamen swimsuit manufacturer tip, preventing the goggles of fog, can try the following method. You can use special antifoggant goggles. Before entering the pool water wet the goggles inside first, and then use special antifoggant goggles inside evenly daub, apply a layer of can, besmear more mirror will not clear and not easy to do. After the two lenses daub, let the goggles air-dry use effect is better. Professional athletes generally with the tongue lick a lick the inside of the goggles, with saliva anti-fog effect is good. In addition, the inside of the goggles daub some shampoo, liquid soap or shower gel, before swimming goggles rinse thoroughly, can ensure that won't fog swimming goggles.
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