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Leisure suit design and selection

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-15
CAKIPA leisure suit design and choice leisure suit, also known as beach bathing suit. Leisure in the swimsuit, separation piece outfit, two pieces, and beach for decoration of the dress and swimsuit collocation. Leisure with swimsuit on the one hand, in swimming, graceful posture, also showed that women on the style, color, pattern obviously influenced by fashion, every season there are new colors, new varieties, the dizzying. Women wearing two kinds of clothing, the most likely to lead to the opposite sex. It is evening, the other is the swimsuit. Indeed, these two kinds of clothing is the most can represent the feminine beauty - — Evening foil a gorgeous women enchanting a surface, while the outline of female swimsuit fresh and strong and handsome. Popular swimsuit is roughly can be divided into three types as follows: 1. Two-piece two-piece refers to the separate suit jacket and trousers, a bikini and generally two head type, bikini is also called the three point, its characteristic is very little material. There is no denying the fact that three point for the swimsuit is the most attractive eyes, if you have a good figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice. 2. Head of a type a swimsuit in the shoulder belt type and tube type, and Chinese companies get design. Upper body such as vest shoulder belt type swimsuit very traditional, is the most people choose the style. Shoulder belt type swimsuit though ordinary actually, but through the change of the shoulder straps, still can find a bit more special, such as in previous years is popular abroad over the shoulder of a head. Another deep open chest and winding style swimsuit, to narrow the wide shape is the best. And, on the chest line to add a unique decoration, can make body more hasten is perfect. 3. Drum drum chic bikini and its garment body is tubular, plus the condole belt, condole belt can be removed. The swimsuit can lower the opacity of the chest and the hip, the lower side of the high cutting can make the legs look longer.
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