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Sharkskin fabric made from a bathing suit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-22
Yodea sharkskin fabric made of swimsuit is by rice texture of fabric and special water quality fabric. They has a special sensitive on body movement and flexibility to react, while the impact on the speed will not cause any resistance. Tusk les fabric fabric is hollow, which makes your bathing suit is lighter, faster, because it has the function of the resistance to water absorption. A high density stretch polyester ( 82%) And synthetic elastic fibers ( 18%) Combination of precision, let your sharkskin swimsuit more comfortable. By special craft and reliefs out like mud carp fish bathing suit is the only choice you maximum speed. Nickname is people according to their shape characteristics, it has more resounding name: skin quickly, it is the core technology of imitation shark skin. Biologists found that shark skin surface rough v-shaped folds can greatly reduce the flow of the friction, make the body more efficiently through the surrounding water, the shark swimming fast. Super stretch fabric fast surface is completely made of imitation shark skin surface. In addition, the swimsuit to fully mix the bionics principle: mimic human tendons, in the joint power for athletes to pull back; The imitation of human skin on fabrics, elastic. Experiments show that the fast skin fiber can reduce 3% of water resistance, swimming in 1% seconds can decide the outcome of this game has special significance. Root cause: 'shark skin' use can increase the buoyancy of the polyurethane fiber material. In October 1999, fina officially allowed athletes wear fast skin.
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