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【 Shipment swimsuit factory swimsuit information 】 After the swimsuit quality not up to standard, and put on make you health

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-12
Suits both close-fitting wear swimwear.html' target='_blank'>swimsuit, again want to bubble in the swimming pool water or water for a long time, compared with other clothes, swimsuits functional requirements higher, so the quality of the swimsuit peace must not neglect. There are many the swimwear brand that sells on the market at present, but the quality of the good and bad are intermingled. Swimsuit products unqualified items mainly include color fastness to light, tensile elastic elongation, fiber content and identification, etc. Textile products quality supervision and inspection institute of jiangsu province, according to Dr Chai Linyu once swimsuit unqualified tensile elastic elongation is likely to cause partial rupture, give the user 'wardrobe malfunction' embarrassed; Color fastness to light is unqualified can cause swimsuit fade, color change. 1 tensile elastic elongation unqualified tensile elastic elongation refers to the specified load under the action of the length of the swimming fabric elongation percentage relative to the length of the original, can reflect a swimsuit fabrics, an important index of swimsuit products quality inspection. Fabric tensile elastic elongation is high, after wearing out of shape not easily, if the index can not meet the requirements, such as elongation is too small, swimsuit dress is tight, easy to cause the body unwell. Is likely to occur when using local burst, 'wardrobe malfunction' embarrassed to wear. Chlorinated water resistant (2 Swimming pool) Unqualified tensile elasticity resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) Tensile elasticity is swimsuit evaluation in clothes after using deformation response levels, this index is not qualified for the swimsuit, easy in clothes after deformation, elastic loss is bigger, losing to the value of the dress. Good swimsuit elastic is not the bigger the better, the key is to rebound better recovery, drawing many times still to be the same. Good suit not only 'pull out' have to 'charge back' to choose the swimsuit when had better not choose splicing more style, if heavy, easy to line from joining together. 3 color fastness to unqualified mainly examine dye fastness to adhere to the fiber, fabric fastness, especially the swimsuit are washed, insolation, perspiration, swimming pool water immersion or object of the change of colour and lustre after friction. According to the textile industry standard of FZ/T73013 - 2010 knitting swimsuit 'requirement, assessment of swimsuit products mainly of fastness mainly includes the following color fastness: chlorinated water resistant ( Swimming pool) Color fastness, resistance to sea water fastness and light fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness, color fastness, rubbing fastness, resistance to sea water fastness and chlorinated water ( Swimming pool) Color fastness is the exclusive swimsuit products have product features. Color fastness to light is unqualified for the swimsuit is not light, open Spaces or the light environment in use, easy to change color or fade, appear darker a piece of printing and dyeing, light a swimsuit 'some even become transparent color. Resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) Color fastness to unqualified swimsuit, swimming pool water to soak for a long time will rub off. Seawater fastness is unqualified for the swimsuit, swim in the sea or washing clothes maintenance process, dyes easily fall off. The color fastness to unqualified swimsuit, influence continue clothes do not say, more important loss of dye molecules or heavy metal ions can be absorbed by human body through the skin, affect the body health. Some flowery swimsuit products, more difficult to control because of its mixed color process, once in a factory production link is not strictly controlled, the product color fastness to appear easily unqualified phenomenon, namely the product in clothes several times will appear fade phenomenon more serious, to select the overall color uniform and consistent style swimsuit product relatively safer. 4 fiber content is unqualified fiber content reflect the product quality of a material, the pros and cons of raw material composition and amount, one of the important factors that decide the product price, affect the swimsuit clothing comfort, washing maintenance etc, and decided to use one of the important indicators of the performance of the swimsuit. Fiber content is the main unqualified project, swimsuit product spot-check qualified rate is far lower than the other sampling project. Fiber content of unqualified cause consumers misunderstanding, for example, originally wanted to buy the swimsuit, nylon fabric elastic more comfortable to wear, but as a result of symbol error, actually buy swimsuit polyester proportion is very high, comfortable feeling will be discounted. Now on the market sales of the swimsuit, material is better to nylon with spandex, polyester and spandex combination of times, this is because the nylon than polyester on clothing comfort more smooth, and wear-resisting performance is better. In addition, the content of spandex are important indicators of the quality of the judge swimsuit, when buying, that can be used in the swimsuit products ( Tags) Pay attention to the proportion of spandex: if the swimsuit of spandex content or below 10% for the cautious to buy. Spandex content is between 15% and 20%, the swimsuit with retractile body movement. Swimming fabric maintain between 20% ~ 30%, the proportion of spandex ensure swimming equipment product characteristics are intact and provide experience comfortable clothes.
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