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【 Shipment swimsuit factory swimsuit information 】 Winter has arrived, whether you also in miss bikini on the beach.

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-13
Hagrid red swimsuit winter has arrived, you still miss the summer? Began to xiamen this week began to turn cold, as if xiamen if there is no spring and autumn, only in the winter and summer. Streets have been less a lot of beautiful leg, but do you think of summer bikini all didn't see enough? Summer for a good woman is a off season, beaches, beautiful women, bikini hear these your mind may already have a pair of beautiful scenery, today let's finish this summer waves chest swell. Our company offer: wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit processing, OEM orders, a model: substituting services such as proofing time 7 days, proofing fee is in commonly 300 - 500 yuan, according to the materials in terms of work. Delivery time: 45 - after the final order 60 days to join items: 1, about the stock, delivery, transport: ( 1) To join dealers when times get 3000 yuan of above, according to the 3 of the retail price. 2 fold supply; When times get supply goods in accordance with the retail price of 6000 yuan of above 3 fold; When taking goods 3000 the following three according to the retail price. 5 fold. ( 2) After the confirmation of the order, just 1 - 5 working days to arrange the delivery; ( 3) Generally for logistics transportation way, by our company to arrange the most convenient mode of transportation, shipping costs borne by. 2, about the price, settlement: ( 1) Above quotation is factory price, including packaging, no tax; ( 2) Received the full shipment of xiamen sea Greg swimsuit factory warmly welcome the from all walks of life to come to visit, investigate, exchange and cooperation phone/WeChat: 13794801690 Mr Huang 13414218245 Chen mail box: 355552888 @ qq. Com post editor: 523380 to address: guangdong province xiamen village to increase then new town industrial park swimwear factory, a bathing suit factory. Xiamen shenzhen, foshan, zhongshan guangzhou guangdong swimsuit wholesale, wholesale swimsuit, swim trunks, wholesale, wholesale hot spring bathing suit, bathing suit brand, swimsuit manufacturers, swimsuit manufacturers, one-piece, swimsuit, ms man swimming trunks, children swimwear, bikini, swimming equipment, swimsuit processing, customized swimsuit, foreign trade, FOB swimsuit, OEM swimsuit
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