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【 Shipment swimsuit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall 】 How to wear swimsuit is sexy! !

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-16
Swimsuit words 100 catties of sister hit, however, is not flat chest is short, flat-chested sister in this new era, nine times out of ten! Slowly you will find that the more buy clothes like collocation is the more concave shape, flat-chested 'convenience that' a lot of really ~ that wear swimsuit to lose either! ! 'To put it bluntly enough 100 jins, ✈ ️ younger sister at the airport you should also very thin, so wear swimsuit was no proud flesh to demonstrate bone exposed. Today is to introduce several babies 'dedicated' flat-chested swimsuit, and small, not running, swimming pool parties you will win. CAKIPA is the design of the brand in China, this is the new development of close-fitting sunscreen fashion suits, with pale blue print and blue tower, contracted fashion, sunlight atmosphere! If you are still conservative, that's right to choose CAKIPA, as if is designed for girls under 18, 'package' is dye-in-the-wood? Stand out and CAKIPA waist line design oh, flat-chested sister can waist concave one!
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