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Simple condole swimsuit wear a beautiful fashion, beautiful sister left see right to see is very beautiful

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-29
Swimsuit simple condole swimsuit wear a beautiful fashion, beautiful sister left see right to see beautiful high-grade quality our company provide: wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit processing, swimsuit, Japan and South Korea the swimsuit, children suit, men's swimming trunks, such as processing production, OEM, FOB order, a model: substituting services such as proofing time 7 days, proofing fee is in commonly 300 yuan, according to the materials in terms of work. Delivery time: 45 - after the final order Within 60 days of wholesale items: 1, about the stock, delivery, transport: ( 1) Contact documentary personnel to ask for the quotation sheet ( 2) After the confirmation of the order, just 1 - 5 working days to arrange the delivery; ( 3) General to express, arranged by us as the most convenient mode of transportation, shipping costs borne by. 2, about the price, settlement: ( 1) Above quotation is factory price, including packaging, no tax; ( 2) Received the full shipment of xiamen sea Greg swimsuit factory warmly welcome the from all walks of life to come to visit, investigate, exchange and cooperation phone/WeChat: 13794801690 Mr Huang 13414218245 Chen mail box: 355552888 @ qq. Com post editor: 523380 to address: guangdong province xiamen tea mountain then new town industrial park
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