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Spandex ingredients swimsuit is the high quality of the swimsuit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-10
Ingredients yodea spandex swimsuit are the advantages of high quality swimsuit spandex swimsuit is colorful, wearing snug, ideas from water fast, good wash, dry, especially the resistance is very small, can improve the results of the competition. Now world series some athletes have to wear swimsuit, the whole body, that is the reason why wear short swimsuit in the past, all want to scrape the hair, to reduce the resistance of 1% of a second, improve the ranking results. Now with the improvement of people's living standard, people in the swimming movement also want to wear more comfortable and more beautiful. Spandex silk fabric, in order to meet the needs of the people, also naturally was born. Spandex actual scientific name should call kam spandex or polyester spandex, namely polyamide or polyester yarn and spandex filament. Spandex filament now need to import in our country, nylon yarn, polyester yarn is entirely domestic. The content of spandex silk international unified standard is 18%. More high-grade swimming sweater, one is, to reach 18% spandex filament content. Second, with nylon filament. Three is, weaving machines to achieve more than 32 stitches. Four is that the level of processing sewing. Of course design style, design and color collocation, is also essential. The role of high quality professional swimsuit wear after got-up figure, more than don't wear clothes in good shape. So the beauty of the MM is wearing a bathing suit, ha ha. The swimsuit is very exquisite craft. If the process is not good, was going to be easy. The swimsuit line, will lead to all pieces scattered, unlike other clothing can bring your needle sewing. Of course, a good suit to wear feel comfortable, the body is very free, not like other as another model body underwear you breath. Good swimsuit composition is commonly 80% nylon, 20% spandex fabric or 78% nylon, 22% spandex. Stretch to tensile force of more than 100%. To compare little absorbent. General should be dried up out of the water after more than ten minutes. If not, this fabric is not good. Professional swimsuit do pull, cloth to sweat stain resistance, resistance to sea water, sun, Uv) , environmental protection and household washing water testing and so on. So, good swimsuit cloth is several times more expensive than the other varieties of fabrics
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