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Summer arrived, CAKIPA take you unlock all kinds of swimming posture

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-20
Swimsuit swimming is a very good diet, and different strokes can also be targeted to minus the corresponding parts of the fat. Butterfly in the waist to drive the body movement, for example, in the long run can eliminate the waist proud flesh; Breaststroke swimming because of the thigh in fully when the expansion and contraction, can make the inner thigh proud flesh to eliminate; Yang style is very effective to eliminate redundant proud flesh abdomen; And freestyle belongs to systemic movement, can let the arms line symmetry, make hip muscles become strong elastic, prevent sagging, can also modify the line of the legs look even beautiful and slender legs. Most important of all swimming is a form of body slimming, let the whole body can accelerate the blood circulation, can prevent breast prolapse, still can make a breast to keep youth tall and straight. Obama CAKIPA close under the swimming teaching for you, babies learn fast. Breaststroke breaststroke combined with a phrase, in the interpretation of the breaststroke behavioral essentials before Mr. Obama's first introduced: 'oarsman legs motionless, hands and legs, arm before they kick, drift together straight for a while. 'Can be seen in the mandarin, hand movements is before the leg action. Must be in hand after taking the legs, stretch out his hand and then kick. Arm action: 1, outside. Hands forward, palm tilt (about 45 degrees Little thumb up) 。 Outward, the rear row with both hands, and then bending backward, to the bottom row. 2, inside. The palm from outside to inside, drive the forearm accelerate the insweep, hand from down to up, and before the bosom together ( Hand was high low, under the shoulder) And forward. 3, forward. (hands thrust forward Elbow straight) 。 Will remind everyone's attention: the cross is relaxed, the row is force, speed up to complete, the former is positive. Breast stroke of complete match action: hands it looked up and take a breath, closed his leg when he hands in row down a bit suffocating, breathe out hands when taken before the kick. Leg movements: 1, leg: kneel legs, feet to hip, leg to hide at the back of the thigh slow closing leg, thus reducing resistance. At the end of the closed legs, knees and shoulder are the same as wide, leg perpendicular to the surface of the water, feet Cheng near the water. 2, double foot: two feet distance is greater than the knees distance, two foot evaginate, toes out, foot Cheng, calf and feet inside on the water, like the English letter 'W'. 3, push to the clamp water: in fact is a process of legs straight, Hip flexion, stretching knee) By the waist and abdomen and legs, at the same time with the calf and inside of the foot pedal clamp water at the same time, the first outward, backward and downward, and then is inward, to push to the above the water, like a half circle. To push water in water is continuous, and to push with clip. Push water is finished legs together straight, feet dantian, tiptoe relatively. Push the speed of the water don't too hard, from slow to fast acceleration pedal water, nearly straight legs together push the water fastest. 4, stop: legs together straight after a short slide ( 1 - 2 seconds) 。 Freestyle swimming is whole body movement, any part of the activities are inseparable from the whole body coordination. On the surface, propulsion, freestyle stroke and kick, in fact, the effect of the trunk also cannot ignore. First of all, the trunk should keep a certain tension, the waist if soft, just like a pool of mud. Second, the rotation of the body can effectively show the strength of hindquarters cadres big muscles, reduce resistance and improve the work effect. Complete with a variety of form of freestyle. General common is every stroke 2 times, six in the water, 1 time to breathe. 1, the hand enters the water point between shoulder extension and body center line, leading to thumb, oblique inserted into the water. 2, into the water, hand, elbow, shoulder to continue forward, make the arm outstretched. As the rotation of the body bend wrist and elbow flexion, arms to the outside, the rear catch; Men rowed to the lowest point, rotating arms inward, and rear pull, maintain a high elbow flexion arm stroke position. 3 vertical, horizontal, arms and hands, accelerate push the water, the arm to stroke to lateral thigh behind, upward and outward, elbow out of the water. 4, after the water, the arm nature, leisurely air moving arm forward, maintain a high elbow position. And then hand in front of the shoulder leading into the water, start the next action.
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