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Swimsuit 2016 electricity industry development trend

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-08-31
CAKIPA swimsuit 2016 electricity industry development trends in the past year, have to admit, e-commerce impact on garment industry. Whether it's clothing retail platform, or clothing wholesale platform, have sprung up rapidly developed. Since 2015, the swimsuit industry domestic terminal consumer demand remains weak, swimsuit inventories remain high. Analysis for the cause of formation of swimsuit inventory, mainly including, the swimsuit manufacturer blind production; Foreign trade orders for breach of contract; Garment industry because of its special season, popular, such as geographical factors. Since the Internet into the clothing wholesale industry, swimsuit to inventory wholesale industry effect is remarkable, the industry as a whole has established sales inflection point, the rapid growth of the online channel swimsuit consumption is expected to steady growth in 2016. Investigate its reason, 'Internet + swimsuit wholesale' is not only shortens the distance between manufacturers and merchants, at the same time let the swimsuit and docking of supply and demand of information more quickly and effectively. Attention to suit the market dynamics, on the premise of guarantee factory clothing wholesale sold out rate, also avoid the problem of inventory backlog, etc. Along with the expansion of consumer groups, people's consumption consciousness is improving, and each big swimsuit factory in swimwear brand consciousness awakening, swimsuit manufacturers gradually walked out of the price in the mire and create high-end brand image. Building brand effect, for the purpose of leading swimsuit manufacturers create, cultivate independent brands, to brand preemption market high ground.
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