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Swimsuit manufacturer to explain what you don't know a bathing suit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-09
Yodea swimsuit manufacturer to explain what you don't know too narrow a bathing suit is tie-in body shape: choose the bo style, can highlight collarbone and cross bo, jian Halter - Neck neck or single bo young cutting belt or low strapless style, this will make both sides bo head looks a little wide. And coarser size: thicker and lack for the waist line of ladies, no matter what to wear swimsuit, only need to know the color supplement, the effect of charge of waist line can be obtained. A swimsuit and different color or design, is the best supplement, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, makes curve more exquisite. Also optional in bikini or two head, transferring visual focus to up and down position, the waist so it seems as if a little thin. Stout legs as the player's women, might as well wear some high panties tailored suit. Although this will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender instead on the vision, make the line more aesthetic feeling, or wear pants on both sides of the side is the design of thin belt tied rope, which will make your legs look longer. Less wear a monochromatic department head suit, the waist has pattern can also spread the line of sight. Avoid wearing flat feet or shorts style, your legs will look shorter. Busty body shape: breast enhancement should match the swimsuit, for busty lady, always felt uncomfortable, wear swimsuit is often afraid to run. Consider the design of a head, both figure lines can be stretched, but also decreases the opportunity which is gone. Lateral pattern that can make more plump breasts appear relatively flat, together, can make the line more uniform nature. Swimsuit manufacturer prompt you, swimsuit white taboo - — White swimsuit taboos are often women, because of the light color, plus the fabric is not thick, water will be embarrassing situation of perspective, so pay attention to when buy:
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