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Swimsuit manufacturers production which style of men's swimming trunks?

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-02
Yodea swimsuit manufacturers production which style of men's swimming trunks? Swimsuit manufacturer production of men's swimming trunks in general can be divided into the following kinds: tall waist, usually designed to boxer swimming trunks. Normal waist: boxer triangle can, like swimming trunks, usually in the form of people's choices, but I think it is more suitable to the Angle of the swimming trunks. Low waist: most of the design for the triangle, because the triangular swimming trunks designed with lower than normal waist, straight Angle to have, but can appear swimwear is very wide, not beautiful. Low waist swimming trunks present popular trend, is gradually built the swimming trunks, normal waist because the triangle is more and more popular among people. Traditional beach shorts with boxer swimming trunks, and surfer shorts to its length, between the two and the original design only wear on the sand beach, but now the concept of swim or paddle is not so clear. If a few years ago shows on the trend of beach shorts has been more and more short, the men this season seems to be bold dew ham it up, if you have absolute confidence to their bodies, can also choose a short beach shorts.
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