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Swimsuit manufacturers use printing technology can be applied in what aspects

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-10
CAKIPA swimsuit manufacturers use printing technology can be applied in what aspects in technical progress of society, the swimsuit factory will be applied with printing will not a bathing suit on your own logo. And the 'digital printing', is the use of the world's advanced precision printer, imports of raw materials and professional equipment. It suitable for bathing suit factory printed edition, many varieties, the size of batch production and high-definition photo pattern. So, generally applicable to the scope of printing products? A, household items, Pillow, apron, cushion, bed sheets, table cloth, sofa cloth, etc. ) 。 Second, clothing accessories ( Fashion, sportswear, beach pants, scarf, hat, gloves, etc. ) 。 Three and other adornment things ( Hang a picture, household cloth art, wedding photos, advertising gifts, etc. ) 。 Four, leisure products ( Bags handbags, toys, shoes materials, flag ribbon, swimsuit, etc. ) 。
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