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Swimsuit price difference is big about how to choose?

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-06
Yodea is qingyuan rafting season summer, hot weather not only with prosperous major drift scenic spot, also with fire the city's major tourist business venues, swimming products is also a good catch. In downtown yiwu trade city wholesale market, some lingerie store, shopping mall, and even some drift scenic spot inside and outside all can find all kinds of swimwear.html' target='_blank'>swimsuit products. But these swimsuit quality good and bad are intermingled, the price disparity is bigger. Market: summer swimsuit products in power, the author came to yiwu trade city 23 floor shops, many stores hanging shelves inside and outside the large objects such as suits, goggles, life buoy. The boss said, 'since the end of June, with the advent of rafting season in the city, and open the swimming places, to buy more and more people are swimming equipment, especially the high temperature days in early July, business is fire, the highest daily sales of one thousand yuan. 'Swimsuit, swim trunks at the shop price range from ten yuan to one hundred yuan, phyletic and various, and swimsuit category is complete, especially women and children's swimwear, bikini, even the postures, and skirt, such as dozens of styles, many choices to the consumer. The shopkeeper said that prices in forty or fifty yuan for the swimsuit sell best, sell this mainly depends on the weather, the weather is hot, one day can sell 20 or 30 pieces. Reporter found price 50 yuan in bathing suits are not marked with a standard, size, etc. In addition to the mall, rafting, hot springs, water park, scenic spot also hung many swimsuit sell inside and outside, some price one hundred yuan, and there are dozens of yuan. With less swimsuit material, process is relatively simple, the current production swimsuit is mostly small workshops, name brand swimsuits are rare in the market, it also leads to lower the quality of the whole market swimsuit. Consumer: price disparity varies with consumers reflect quality, the price of swimsuit is uneven. Last week, ms mo intended for 13 year old son, choose a pair of swimming trunks, the stalls at the gate of the supermarket, what is the price of a pair of swimming trunks 39 yuan, she felt a bit expensive. Into the supermarket, she discovered that almost swimming trunks price only 19 yuan. 'Feel two trunks feels about the same, don't know you in there, so chose the 19 yuan. 'In response, lee also had the same experience, he last year to travel, a temporary stalls in the seaside just 10 yuan bought a swimming trunks. But the swimming trunks quality is bad, fade, fabric is thin. This year in the supermarket, bought a pair of 39 yuan fabrics relatively thick, did not fade. It is understood that although some cheap suit colour is gorgeous, but most of the fabric is very thin, do manual work is rough. Most bathing suit marked on the label of 'material' column with '80% nylon, 20% spandex. But alleged 'bathing suits are the basic fabric, cheap, expensive swimsuit is so write. 'Recommendations to see label of qualified products of choose and buy swimsuit is close-fitting supplies, low quality of the swimsuit is not only easy to damage, but also can damage the skin and short service life will be. The personage inside course of study says, pass the swimsuit is standard, fabric is - 18% spandex About 80% 20%, polyamide fiber, density to achieve more than 48 needle, at the same time, feel is good, the springback good recovery, when consumers to buy the best to see the label on the swimsuit. Disappear assist the staff to remind, for those ultra low-cost swimsuit, consumers to polish eyes, cautious to buy. He suggested: first of all should choose management specification, reputable shopping site to buy a bathing suit. Second, check the instructions or tags, learn about products information, such as fabric content, security category, quality grades, specifications, standards, washing instructions, production enterprise information, etc. Again to see the fabric surface is defective, off color, stain, sewing trajectory is straight, fruity, with buckles, condole belt, lashing swimsuit, check the detail place strong degree, thus carries on the preliminary quality judgement, also handle gently touch fabrics are available, and to feel the comfort level (when in contact with the skin Soft and breathable degrees) 。 In addition, the swimsuit elastic is not the bigger the better, but the springback recovery is better. Consumers can pull or try it on with the hand, swimsuit and their skin and body joint degree appropriate, too tight, too loose, oppressive feeling stronger swimsuits are not appropriate.
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