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Swimsuit sales skills

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-01
CAKIPA sales skills a swimsuit, consumer demand for a swimsuit 1, swimsuit, another name is called 'open' underwear, underwear if doesn't fit, can have a coat to wear in the outside, a bit indecent also only oneself know. Close-fitting bathing suit will the whole figure appeared in front of, easy to expose shortcomings, such as upper body doesn't fit will be thick waist fat without reservation in front, in order to avoid this kind of embarrassment, we need a more can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, modify defects and improve our figure line of the swimsuit, can present perfect confidence! 2, different ages, the demand for swimming suits a girl 14 - something different demand 22 - - - - The youth beautiful beautiful individuality light ripe female 22 - b The age of 35 - - - Show figure, reflect the quality of life ripe female 32 - c 45 - - - Modification and shaping figure line feeling 2, 1, girl series product features: with vivid color and dots, stripes, printed navy to highlight the product features. Conservative and do not break little sexy style, in a bikini and l, thickening mould cup and miniskirt is given priority to, fashionable series: 2 - style - - The design style of fashion, individuality, sexy; Version - - - - Humanized tailored to design highlights the lithe and graceful figure and charming woman line feeling. 3, taste series: strengthen the functional demands; Stereo clipping cultivate one's morality, modify and perfect curve shape, cultivate one's morality show thin body effect, and will be more elegant temperament foil. ( Gather the style) Three, grasp the customer psychology, consumers to buy the psychological process includes the following eight: 1, gaze: find interest, he will stop to watch. Pay attention to the store environment, the appearance of the shop, as well as relevant publicity materials. 2, interests: consumers will be consulting his concerns, attract her interested in the goods. 3, lenovo: have a desire to touch, from a different Angle to observe, consulting and ask for the relevant product information, lenovo product benefits for yourself. 4, desire: to produce a it possess oneself some desire and impulse, at the same time will doubt; 'Will not suitable for oneself' and 'after-sales service guaranteed? ', also won't decided to buy now. 5, compare: head of similar products, compared with work, including brand, style appearance, function, price, quality after-sales service and so on. 6, trust: consult the guide staff, get a satisfactory reply after will produce the product of trust. Its decision is influenced by the following three aspects: shoppers personnel, premises and goods. 7, implementation: once determined, guide consumers tend to implement purchasing behavior, at this time if a little praise Mr. '( Miss) , your vision is so good! 'Will be more consolidated consumer buying behavior. 8, content: one is the satisfaction of consumers to buy goods after produce: one kind is to buy terminal staff cordial service recognition of satisfaction
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