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The choice of men's swimming trunks

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-26
CAKIPA men's swimming trunks choice swim trunks are divided into triangular peace Angle and thong several categories. Generally can be divided into the following kinds: ( 1) Tall waist: usually designed to boxer swimming trunks. ( 2) Normal waist: boxer triangle can, like swimming trunks, usually in the form of people's choices, but I think it is more suitable to the Angle of the swimming trunks. ( 3) Low waist: most of the design for the triangle, because the triangular swimming trunks designed with lower than normal waist, straight Angle to have, but can appear swimwear is very wide, not beautiful. Low waist swimming trunks present popular trend, is gradually built the swimming trunks, normal waist because the triangle is more and more popular among people. ( 4) Low waist: usually refers to the channel, the front hair dew in the field of professional triangle swimming trunks, the swimming trunks is more suitable for the fashion men dress like sports, fitness, because is more sexy than ordinary low-rise swimming trunks, vitality, display male virile beauty, swimming waistband side length is 1. 5 inches to 3 inches long. Its main function is to reduce the number of athletes in the water resistance, so as to improve the speed of his time, can also be used as a sunbathing on the beach. This type of swimming trunks is close to the body, as far as possible to reduce friction and reduce the residual moisture. Wearing and male reproductive organs are more obvious at the time of swimming trunks in space is relatively small four swimming trunks, wearing this kind of triangle swimming trunks when put the penis up will be more comfortable. The triangular swimming trunks wore when suitable for engaged in all kinds of water sports, such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc. Triangle swimming trunks spread all over the world, in Europe and America region, and wore a triangle swimming trunks swimmers in the water around the facilities are very common. People choose the cause of the triangular swimming trunks is triangular swimming trunks for water activities and sunbathing, fast dry time, and be able to wear the pants or shorts. T swim trunks: t swim trunks front similar triangle swimming trunks, but on both sides of the narrow, hip is completely exposed. Indoor swimming pool and beach in western countries, there are many men to wear this style of swimming trunks. Besides swimming resistance smaller, it clearly is more conducive to sunbathe.
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