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The choose and buy swimming circle need to be careful

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-20
Yodea swimming circle need to be careful of choose and buy a proper swimming laps in security at the same time, people can't swim also experience water fun; So, how to choose appropriate swim ring? While swimming ring is different from food, there is no shelf life, but, on the outer packing printed with the certificate of approval, maintenance methods, materials, suitable age, manufacturer address and other information, consumers need to be pay attention to when buy, so as not to buy improper or 3 without the product. Second, consumers had better to compare normal shop, and check carefully before you buy it in swimming circle whether conditions, such as crack, breakage, leakage, also need to check carefully before use, to ensure safety. Children use the swimming laps, parents should be in the custody. On the choice of swimming laps, height and weight to choose according to children, and to pay attention to the material and feel swimming circle, especially the valve core is soft, so as not to scratch when use to children. For inflatable swimming laps to inflate, need to be careful not to be too full, and not in the rapids and stone more area to use inflatable swimming circle, so as to avoid swimming ring damaged gas leakage, dangerous to happen. Ordinary swimming laps and, of course, is different from the life buoy, material qualitative, buoyancy have difference. In general, swimming circle just water toys, compressive resistance, weight is not equal to life buoy, therefore to the deep water area, or choose a life buoy more insurance.
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