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The girl teach you choose the right swimsuit swimming need not to need to wear underwear

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-25
Yodea wear swimsuit, would you like to wear underwear? Swimsuit generally use dupont lycra, nylon or polyester fabrics, sagging, ballooning, under the influence of water quality of a material thickness, pretty, opaque, has the very good elasticity, softness and solid degrees. Choose appropriate, fit the swimsuit, can show a woman of good shape, no need to wear underwear. On the contrary, if in a bathing suit to wear underwear, due to the different shapes of swimsuit and underwear, underwear will be exposed, will be more dramatic, spurt of embarrassment. In addition, the underwear is thin, transparent and close, don't like the swimsuit quick-drying, wet pants in a bathing suit will be very uncomfortable, it may even be a health hazard. Fourth, how to choose the right swimsuit? 1, the choose and buy as far as possible when bathing suits to choose management specification, reputable swimsuit store bathing suits, the choose and buy and keep invoices and other shopping vouchers, so that quality problems after can effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of their own. The people's legal consciousness is thin, many people don't get into the habit of shopping the initiative to ask for bill, this is left for future rights behavior evil, as young people we must correct the wrong behavior. 2, intellectual women buy swimsuit should grasp two principles, namely 'comfortable' and 'close', many love beautiful female friends, in order to make their bodies through the swimsuit to show more charming, sexy, often ignored the importance of comfortable, is 'hit swollen face depth', this is not desirable; No matter what to wear, we feel comfortable is the most important thing. After swimsuit elastic cloth, water, water gravity have the phenomenon of tora swimsuit, such as not enough close, it is possible to slide. 3, the swimsuit is a sport utility clothing, strong tensile force and original mind star network, heavy, easy to line from joining together. This needs us in when buying a swimsuit, carefully check the buckles, condole belt, such as lashing detail place strong degree, try not to choose splicing more swimsuit style, in order to make a fool of yourself when swimming. Generally speaking, the high quality swimwear tension is very tight, elastic is not the bigger the better, but the springback better recovery, stretching can still return to the same for many times, that is the standard of good suit.
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