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The points for attention during the bubble hot spring

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-24
CAKIPA spas notes 1 have to [bath, to keep the hot spring water quality health and let the body to adapt to temperature, and wash the skin perspiration more easily absorb the minerals in the water. To the hot spring area must wear a hot spring bathing suit and slippers, slide carefully. Also choose to suit oneself soaking temperature of the hot spring pools, generally from warm to hot, for 15 minutes or so every time that should go ashore after a brief rest again soak hot pool should not exceed 10 minutes) , first soak the site or the soaking time is too often appear dry mouth or bosom frowsty uncomfortable feeling, landed at this time should immediately make a little rest, drink a glass of water or drink to relieve discomfort, all patients with more serious heart disease, high blood pressure, physical discomfort or pregnant unfavorable immerse into the pool; Unless by doctors and accompanied by someone before, alcoholics are more immerse into the pool, rinse the body after bath, but don't use soap or bath, to save the skin absorption of minerals, in the end, hot spring bathing suit to save after dry!
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