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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Bathing suits to choose skills

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-04
【 Hagrid red swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Swimsuit when buy, can use hand touch, or reference material component content list, see how the material. Good suit fabrics soft, elastic, fabric texture is relatively dense, delicate chipping, sewing use elastic thread, not because the movement caused line snap. Try it on, in order to fit and comfortable for the principle, is too big to take water, increase the burden and the resistance when swimming, is too small, easy to cause the body mark, cause poor blood flow. 1, material and structure. Had better choose 15 spandex content & # 37; More elastic fabrics, this swimsuit can be freely adjustable with body movement; Swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the fabric's adaptation in the content of chlorine in pool water molecules, at present the most popular in the international stereo swimsuit made of stretch fabric, the most suitable for swimming in cold water or use. Because this kind of hollow fabric is more, easy to maintain body temperature. As far as possible to buy or not buy generic so-called 'imported spandex high elastic fabrics. One is the spandex fabric content is in commonly 15 & # 37; — 20% Left and right sides, the second is imitation fabrics because the composition variation, poor resilience after launching. 2, work with security. Due to the motion practical clothing, the swimsuit is a strong tensile force, had better not choose splicing more style. Heavy, easy to line from joining together. In sewing seams, three needle five line stitch as the basic, three stitches 6 line is the strongest. Line of elastic and fabric tensile strength should be consistent. Beach series had better choose a smoke plait line, already so beautiful, is also much greater elastic stretch. 3, hygiene, silk cotton cover swimsuit surface has the advantages of chemical fiber fabric is bright and clean, bright layer with pure cotton weaving, no stimulation to the skin, especially suitable for wear in skin allergy. Swimsuit fork should be lining cloth, have the lining for the swimsuit longer service life. Reoccupy after washing. 4, security, natural river, coastal and deep water to swim, to choose and color of the water contrast larger swimsuit, in distress, the goal is clear, convenient for first aid. 5, shape and color of skin. In chest, is suitable for wide shoulder straps v-neck swimsuits; The chest small person to avoid a strapless swimsuits; Chest flat chest decorate a pleated swimsuits and suitable Hip circumference in might as well choose ultra short form a suit; Waistline, lack of moving curve, assembled type swimsuit can make up for the defect, after wearing effect well; Stubby legs, should choose the legs cut is high, the lower the acute Angle type style; Long and meticulous leg lack of sense of symmetry, flat feet pants suit is the first choice.
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