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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 How to choose the swimsuit? To withstand the sun water permeability

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-04
【 COLLOYES swimsuit lecture hall 】 Sorching summer, came to the annual 'swimming season', for many women, a beautiful, safe bathing suit is particularly important. A few days ago, reporters interviewed liuzhou hospital experts. Experts told reporters that the swimsuit style on the market now very much, the price span is big also, from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, but generally accepted swimwear its composition is spandex 18 & # 37; To 20 & # 37; Of polyamide 80 & # 37; The left and right sides. However, regardless of what kind of material, swimsuit with all should stand in the sun, water, and permeability is better. First, the fit is the most important. Choose fit swimsuit, too tight or too loose, not conducive to movement in the water, therefore, first of all depends on the elasticity of the swimsuit, can quickly rebound after repeatedly stretching swimsuit just can buy; Second, pay attention to check the buckles, condole belt, such as lashing detail place strong degree, in order to avoid after water scouring, the swimsuit will fall off from the body. Second, swimsuit material is very important. When buying a swimsuit to the child must choose good material, swimsuit material on the market at present basically is given priority to with spandex, spandex silk content of international standards is 18 & # 37; Left and right sides, a good swimsuit, one is to reach 18 & # 37; The content of spandex. General beach bathing suits are material is bad, the price is more expensive, may also cause harm to the skin, use hand touch bathing suit fabric texture is dense uniform, not in some places, in some places hydrophobic. The third and need concise style. There are some natural skirt is placed on some swimsuit, the ms deck into water angel, but too much and too complicated decorations in water will become a burden, affecting body movement, swimsuit, should choose the style is concise, therefore, as for the choice of the pattern can be rich and colorful. The chlorine content in the swimming pool will harm the swimsuit cloth, get wet with water, please put the swimsuit before swimming; To avoid the swimsuit in the rough surface friction; Careful suntan oil, cosmetics and other chemicals can harm material; As soon as possible after swimming the swimsuit with clear water is rinsed clean; Just rub gently with the hand, when cleaning detergents, bleach'll hurt cloth, do not use; After washing in a cool ventilated place, allow it to dry naturally; Don't use the dryer or hair dryer, easy to damage deformation of material to make it. In addition, the bathing suit must bring their own, do not borrow or rent, do not lend your bathing suit to others to use, otherwise easy to infectious diseases.
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