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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Intelligent bikini is not afraid of sunburn

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-03
【 Hagrid red swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 French Spinali Design studio designer - sister Mary (in the guest, Marie Spinali) , have time to see someone after sunburn on the beach, thinking there are so many apps remind girls to skin hydrating mask, how no one tell you in the sunshine to what extent is the protection measures are taken? So we will see a solution on the beach in a bikini show figure, but fear of sunburn skin problems, the intelligent bikini. This piece of cloth cannot record you swim today how many kilometres to bask in sports circle of friends, also can't calculate how much did you consume today have enough calories to eat Hesse the hu also need not have guilt. Their function is only one: to remind you when to use sunscreen. Look from principle, Spinali Design intelligent bikini seems not too 'smart' : removable RFID sensor mounted on the swimsuit and ultraviolet sensors, and a matching app. A typical usage scenario is: the girls in the app input their skin type, and want a tan, and can woman. she ran to show the figure on the beach. When the need heavy sunscreen, girls can get a reminder of the nature. This smart bikini app is 'close' to set up friend mode: help me to remind you of 'important friends'. Of course, if you want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Intelligent bikini price is $170, despite the French production of sensor components, most of the costs seem to be used in the Italian fabric sewn in France itself on the swimsuit. Besides high-tech bikini, has also developed in the guest's towel has the same function, but no male smart swimsuit products.
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