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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Low temperature water bathing suit best

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-15
【 COLLOYES swimwear.html' target='_blank'>swimsuit lecture hall 】 The current commercial swimwear brand is numerous, quality the good and bad are intermingled. Unqualified swimsuit easily lead to skin irritation, 'wardrobe malfunction' or become consumers 'annoying'. Recently, the jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau organized the swimsuit products quality supervision and spot check. Sampling results show that in 100 yuan the following swimsuit percent of pass is only 25. 0% , and swimsuit qualified rate reached 67 200 yuan of above. 6% 。 Flexibility is bigger, the better the swimsuit? Province pledges inspect bureau, said the good suit should be pulled tight, but elastic is not the bigger the better, but the springback better recovery, drawing many times still to be the same. 'Pull that' not yet, just have to 'charge back' good suit. General swimsuit tighter than normal clothes, on the one hand is due to the elastic fabric, on the other hand is the phenomenon of water gravity will pull a suit, if not close slide easily. Experts suggest that consumers when bathing suit of choose and buy, can use hand or try it on, feeling a swimsuit with your skin, body joint degrees, too tight, too loose, oppressive feeling stronger swimsuits are not appropriate. 'Spandex content are important indicators of the quality of the judge the swimsuit. Swimsuit at 15 of spandex content & # 37; ~ 20% Advisable, such swimsuit can freely adjustable with body movement. Staff of the 'province pledges inspect bureau. After swimwear high tensile elastic elongation, wearing out of shape not easily. If can not meet the requirements, is likely to occur when using partial rupture, create 'wardrobe malfunction' awkward to users. Province pledges inspect bureau, said the swimwear is the main reason of the unqualified lax production enterprises into the factory for fabrics, fabrics of low grade. Experts suggest that consumers when bathing suit of choose and buy, pay attention to check the sewing quality, see if swimsuit sewing for 'three needle five line' stitch, or select stitch ( With line edge width) Wide swimsuit, generally stitch around 3 mm is advisable. Also can see if there are defects, color, fabric surface besmirch, sewing trajectory is straight, fruity. With buckles, condole belt, lashing the swimsuit, check the detail place strong degree, carries on the preliminary quality judgement. Swimsuit of choose and buy when had better not choose splicing more style, if heavy, line from joining together extremely easily, cause the wearer. Chlorinated water of swimming pool will shorten the service life of the swimsuit, the proper use of the swimsuit is also very important. Province pledges inspect bureau staff suggested that consumers available water to fully wet swimsuit before launching, as this can help to reduce the pool of chlorinated water or seawater of infiltration of swimsuit, corrosion, increase the service life of the swimsuit. 'Remember timely clean with clear water after swimming suit, do not use detergent, bleach, etc. , the water temperature with below 30 ℃ advisable, gently twist dry after washed by hand, put the swimsuit in dry in a cool and dry place, can't use high temperature drying and ironing, also don't put the swimsuit insolate directly in the hot sun, in order to avoid the fabric becomes hard, brittle, affect the normal wear. 'The province pledges inspect bureau staff live action.
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