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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Order processing factory production process

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-15
【 COLLOYES swimsuit lecture hall 】 What kind of swimsuit factory production process is? For people to work in a bathing suit factory generally generally understood. But some guests due to the production process of swimwear factory don't understand, so the goods time very short, given that swimsuit factory couldn't go to operate. 1) From the quotation first: swimwear factory after received the guest's samples or drawings, if only roughly quotation, so only need 1 day time. Because probably quote don't need a detailed calculation for each material, only the amount of estimated can offer. This quotation is generally have a preliminary cooperation intention, want to see the factory about price or those materials not only ask factory quote us the price about all of the guests. Detailed quotation, general need three days time, the first is technology the pattern and check out all the material price, to the purchasing department to calculate the cost of detail, finally put the unit price to go out to the sales department, detailed offer guests cooperation intention is quite high. 2) Proofing: offer after go out, if the guest unit price will call the factory began to appropriate proofing, proofing time generally based on the degree of 7 - the factory is busy 14 days. 3) After the guest confirm sample, if there is any modification, modification time for 5 - commonly 7 days. If you don't need to modify the template OK after sales department began to orders and guest list, long process generally uncertain, depending on the guest's schedule. 4) After your order, the business will give documentary data compilation is complete ( If there is a need to be translated, business also need to translate the information is complete) , there are two various documentary: a merchandiser, is in the face of the business or the guest, is a kind of documentary production, is in the face of the factory, production merchandiser is responsible for the follow up of the factory production process, and the production problems in the feedback to the business, so that business and customer communication to solve, the business but also to the guest information update by informing production documentary or merchandiser at any time. 5) Documentary or merchandiser to distribute the data to the production department, purchasing department of finance department for material procurement, usually need to 15 - swimsuit material procurement About 20 days. 6) If there are two processing materials, then two processing time is 7 - commonly 10 days. 7) After complete all materials technology began to began to arrange the big board, after guest group of plate production can begin the production. Anyhow need to ship an order from your order to 40 days - 60 days, sometimes also need 35 days, Depending on the size of order) Above is a bathing suit factory from order to delivery of a process about. The specific subdivision is differ a list here.
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