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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Sexy swimsuit, you must not miss the eight popular trend!

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-08
【 COLLOYES swimsuit lecture hall 】 What is the popular trend of the swimsuit this summer? Are you sure you want to know? 【 1 】 Collisions color matching in the past few seasons, contrast colours have firmly mainstream, it is natural to summer swimsuit material usage. Remember: pay attention to the structure. Bump color swimsuit like Whitney Port on this tendency motion wind, supporting better than regular triangle bikini. In addition, the dark piece of strengthen body slim look. Refused to mixed printing. Color does not mean that all geometry color piece, changeful color piece the same elegant and beautiful patterns. 【 2 】 Fold enchanting fold for girl girl of gas. Remember: fold swimsuit wiping a bosom of wear bright color. Diagram Chloe Green, yellow swimsuit is not the least of color, but still looks very feminine flavour. 【 3 】 All white is white from head to foot the garment trend, on the beach looking at as well. Remember: all white or white with a gold is preferred. White gold, directly promoted the goddess van. Do not forget to see: touch water effect. Like crochet material, be careful it will help you. 【 4 】 Crochet fabric crochet products to the beach with a Bohemian emotional appeal. Remember: try bathing suits the effect of the water and then go out. Some crochet products have exaggerated revealed after wet effect. 【 5 】 Shear even shearing cloth is also a trend. Conjoined shear type swimsuit very sexy and edgy, can cover bikini cannot cover the parts for you. Remember: shear bathing suit to wear flat sandals collocation, the modelling of high heels will make you a slightly exaggerated. Forget the sunscreen. When exposed to sunlight remember coated with a thick layer of sunscreen, because this pruning swimsuit will make your body out of strange color piece. 【 6 】 Tassel fringe not only on the boots and suede jacket, tassel to add happiness flirty mood bright color of the swimsuit. Remember: use of tassels creating curve illusion. If you partial tomboy appearance, had better choose the hips and chest line with fringe pattern. Make tassels in you are not satisfied with parts of the body. If your hips and thighs a little fat, it still let tassel fluttering in the upper part of the body. 【 7 】 Photo printing design even Diane Kruger this type swimsuit is of this kind of style model. Remember, with real photo printing swimwear. The living animals, landscape or true outer space scene to wear in the body is cool. Worry about their looks strange. Wear swimsuit so bright eye, itself have to be confident! 【 8 】 High-waisted bikini high-waisted bikini this ferocious. This style is feminine and sweet, compared with the side tie thin belt of bikini is another kind of style. Remember: swimming trunks incision to boxers as close to the boy, that looks like the 80 s that high fork buttock leg opening. Forget to wear a pair of big round glasses and a broad-brimmed hat, restore ancient ways more thoroughly.
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