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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 Teach you how to save the bathing suit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-13
【 Hagrid red swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 If you buy the fashion brand of swimsuit save undeserved, will appear degumming, cloth lax, deformation, faded and cannot be redeemed. Especially in swimsuit manufacturer wholesale purchase. Suit for those quality closes nevertheless, if we can buy is brand swimsuit manufacturers that more should take more care of your brand a bathing suit. A few little Tips below, provide a reference for everyone: a swimsuit, reverse washing, bleaching or use bleaching ingredients of laundry supplies, including washing powder. 2, after flooding, ventilation or do not put swimsuit for a long time at high temperature, to prevent fading and metamorphism. Three, swimsuits after use please use 30 ° C under water, should use hand wash, do not use the washing machine ground to wash the swimsuit. Fourth, chlorine, sunscreen and contamination of cosmetics after bathing suits will damage the swimsuit cloth and color, should be completely clean; 7, multiple color combinations of swimsuit, how many there will be a fading after washing, belongs to the normal phenomenon, can salt water soak, and please try to separate washing swimsuit. Fifth, after washing to dry in the shade, prevent sun direct sunlight, to ensure the elasticity and toughness of material; Six, swimsuit manufacturers swimsuit before launching, please remove with clean water, then the water with a big towel blot, this can prolong the service life of the swimsuit.
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