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【 The swimsuit factory lecture hall 】 What is the difference between the swimsuit and underwear

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-05
With the development of The Times, people no longer like before go to the seaside package solid overnight-the, more and more people accept the swimsuit, and a bikini. Today, hagrid swimsuit factory to popularize a few common sense: the difference between underwear and swimwear, bathing suits and the difference between a bikini. Swimsuit and underwear difference is mainly in three aspects: 1, different swimsuit to fit the underwater motion function, which requires the swimsuit to waterproof, elastic, and in the process of underwater movement of water resistance, in order to achieve this, the swimsuit will be designed to be very tight style. Underwear's main function is to protect women's breasts, have the effect of support and shaping, process is more complex. Wear comfortable at the same time not too tight, so it better close skin, breathable, moisture absorption, keep the skin is dry. 2, different fabrics swimsuit and underwear fabric material Angle is opposite, mainly reflected on the hydrophilic fabric. Bathing suit commonly used dupont lycra, waterproof and elastic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and good water imbibition underwear much cotton fabric production. 3, different appearance is outer wear swimsuit, comparison pay attention to visual effect in design and material is relatively thick, fashionable appearance, and the style is various, decorative pattern varied also. And underwear to wear in the inside, thinner material, pure color is given priority to, design also no swimsuit. So, the swimsuit can't be wear underwear, underwear when bathing suit to wear. Swimsuit generally when swimming in the summer wear, and underwear to wear all the year round, the swimsuit underwear can not be replaced, the reason is swimsuit didn't have the air permeability and moisture absorption, underwear again, also can't replace the swimsuit, underwear is underwear don't have the swimsuit waterproof, and cotton underwear after absorbing water becomes translucent, easy to cause the awkward. What, then, what is the difference between suit and a bikini? Swimsuit is roughly divided into one-piece and fission swimsuits, bikinis, Bikini) Is one of the fission swimsuit, so can't wear as underwear, name transliteration, also known as the 'three point' bathing suit. Ordinary bathing suits and the biggest difference is that a bikini shape, ordinary bathing suit or professional swimsuit pay more attention to comfortableness of elasticity, and bikini pay more attention to appearance design. Audiences are different: poor figure not confident, more inside collect is shy girl will choose ordinary bathing suit; Confident and bold, more girls prefer wearing a bikini. And you, it is to belong to the former or the latter? If you want to order or development of euramerican style bikini, please contact the manufacturer specializing in the production of swimsuit twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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