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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 2018 elderly driver careful reading: li gini RIKINI is what?

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-25
From the birth of the first generation of li gini, 2013 to 2018 today RIKINI gini is now is not just a concept, already is an object of numerous star supermodel love in Europe and America. Because li gini's biggest characteristics is a garment 16 wear, a variety of tees, prevent bump unlined upper garment, how willing to think of those stars on the beach, and we ordinary people bump unlined upper garment, you wear your bikini, I wear my beautiful gini. The author also believes that many see the title of the article title party, will not care of say: 'old driver, is a PE teacher to teach you English, should be 'BIKINI BIKINI. 'If you also have such idea, that would be wrong, many years old driver did not write a typo. RIKINI li gini this noun as early as in 2013 has emerged on the Internet, by the French RELLECIGA couple silk she puts forward a suit of new concepts. In 2018, RIKINI gini is now is not just a concept, but also a ground for countless star supermodel crazy stuff. Figure 1: the French RELLECIGA couple silk she pioneered a clothes wear more RIKINI gini RIKINI li gini is what? RIKINI gini is a new category of BIKINI BIKINI. Simple, she is a sexy ever-changing bikini, a beautiful gini has up to 16 kinds of tees. RIKINI lili of the founders of the gini is who? The clothes wear more RIKINI li gini: originally began in 1999, the French luxury swimwear brand RELLECIGA couple silk her a global revolutionary concept put forward in 2013, but now she is no longer the concept of a cold, but a let countless mainstream fashion sexy stunner. On April 5, 2014, RELLECIGA couple silk is her hand in hand to Brazilian supermodel Giulia Vaz times square in New York in the United States advertising RIKINI li gini, henceforth RIKINI li gini swept across the world. RIKINI li gini design inspiration come from? RIDI designer team, Note: RIDI RELLECIGA couple are launched her original unit) From the crowded beach summer get inspired malfunctions in the high probability event, revolutionary pioneering BIKINI than gini category a new clothes wear more RIKINI gini, whatever your style is sexy, fashion, wild, tender or pure and fresh, need only take a swim a clothes 16 in RIKINI lili base, can have no repeat of sexy beauty. Greatly solve women bump unlined upper garment of embarrassing psychological problems! Figure 2: Australian women Hannah share a RELLECIGA couple silk her clothes wear more RIKINI li gini figure 3: the Brazilian supermodel Guilia Vaz deduce a RELLECIGA couple silk her clothes wear more RIKINI li gini figure 4: a famous Italian model Valentina Shared RELLECIGA couple her clothes wear more RIKINI li gini and created the cross products RIKINI li gini RELLECIGA couple silk bikini since 1999, when the development of 20 years, already is the world's star and supermodel and try to face the camera body of common choice, more in the fashion circle has 'underwear wear VS ( Victoria's secret) RC (swimsuit wear, RELLECIGA couple) her 'Reputation. Europe and the United States many fashion women's summer wardrobe collections of: a sexy luxurious RELLECIGA couple silk her bikini, a noble CHANEL CHANEL suit, a bottle of mysterious Dior Dior perfume. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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