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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 Bathing suits maintenance series # 3: swimsuit is what must not exposure to dry?

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-30
A lot of people think need close-fitting wear clothing such as suits is need through exposure to sterilization, but also worried that swimsuit fabrics if often exposure will have influence, let's take a look at the swimsuit would ever be sun! In general, air basks in bathing suits have comprehensive destruction and inhibition on bacteria, but too much direct sunlight also easy to cause clothes become yellow, faded, weakening the phenomenon such as cloth. So when the sun is too strong, don't put the swimsuit in the sun insolates, suggest them indoors, or clothes over dry, avoid harm the clothes. Bathing suit after washing to avoid direct exposure to the sun, in a cool, ventilated place. Hagrid red swimsuit factory to undertake a undertakes to, if you have need, welcome to contact the sea Greg swimsuit factory. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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