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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 Change garments according to how to wear? Sweater when you flip

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-13
In 2019, just after the New Year, the weather is unseasonably warm, before freezing in temperature have become all things recovery, in what wear down jacket is a little sweating slightly, as in the past will change his fur coat, this time we have some different, change cloth material to try 'sweater coat', gentle material you flip pick pretty patterns. 1, long cardigan, sun and wind Olivia Palermo this intellectual and gentle and romantic. Dark blue sweater with long purple large print dress, ankle and feather high-heeled shoes, then with a sexy bucket bag to balance the overall modelling. Really was too have style ~ cardigan mix of the dress is preferred the spring out of the street, but remember to take the dress to also want to choose the same within the soft texture of waxy and thin ~ if position a sweater on the skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that softness, the picture is a little drunk. 。 。 2 this year, please bring me the short cardigan directly for knitting cardigan jacket of brief paragraph is fashionable Fried chicken ~ this year because it is short, so change can have a lot of printing, not constrained to the pure color. Stripe tie-in white jumpsuits, ChunWei ~ hagrid red swimsuit factory to undertake a full undertakes to, if you have need, welcome to contact the sea Greg swimsuit factory. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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