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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 China has no real bikini on the beach

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-18
The idea is very popular in the United States: go to the beach to play, at least 70 & # 37; Is the man who is in order to 'look at the others or being looked', the sea is the background of the scene is very beautiful, or the beach who wore a sexy bikini MM how can make people blush, flushed like that? The creator is arranged like this: men born like watching women, women naturally like to be a man. But of all the social etiquette in daily always in suppressing human nature, only in summer, in the sand, the waves of the sea, blue sky and white clouds, women can finally, of course, his gentle and graceful body show a enough, men also finally can justly, relaxed and happy to see a enough, perhaps this is the summer beach real charm! But for the Chinese, a bikini on the beach to a great extent, stay on the magazine covers and network in the picture, or just a few models and fashion photographer play fun, although media and Internet more bikinis to the dizzying, but when you really go to the beach, you will feel very frustrated, China is one of the country with the longest coastline in the world, but in many parts of the sea beach but few sexy belle, real and vigorous publicity of bikini is very few, many girls wearing are pious covering the 'cover area is expanded' modified version. Always have friends jokingly said, China's most beautiful sexy bikini girls is not in the sun is shining on the beach, but a nightclub in debauchery temptation. Why China has no real beach bikini? Should be for the following reasons: first, the man's eyes too not gentleman men see a woman's eyes is very exquisite. In terms of pure nature, a woman is a man desire to be appreciated, but under the different culture, different situations and there are many different, in China, for example, men and women, unless the two of them had a special relationship, otherwise looking directly at them each other for a long time can make each other feel uncomfortable, and westerners is precisely the opposite, with the opposite sex is very impolite, if his gaze drift to always look at each other, otherwise the other party will feel you are in contempt, distracted, even doubt your honesty. On the beach, in the face of an unfamiliar sexy bikini girls, boys can one-time seen enough, and can appreciate and marvel at unreservedly to write on the face, it will make a woman feel very happy, inwardly secretly pleased; On the contrary, that pretend to watch but kept peeking, clearly want to watch and pretend to be hypocritical disdain can let a person feel very disgusting and lewdness. Second, ms to figure is lack of confidence in China girls are often praised the European and American women have proud figure; Also bemoaned his body, and even a lot of people think that the real bikini is only suitable for western women, their maximum wear 'improved' type. Indeed, Oriental female body does not like westerners, concave and convex have send, but this is not the same as the posture of the Oriental woman lacks glamour, in terms of curve, Oriental female body is more subtle, but the reservation is still a kind of beauty, a kind of lasting appeal, still can be a bikini to interpret and express it perfectly. Three, men of exposure of the female body suffer mental Chinese men have a peculiar psychology: others women wear less is the dew, the better, their own woman to be wrapped, watched by others, they cheated. So even if a woman is willing to show their bodies and sex appeal, the man also not stem, carrot and stick to be stopped; Even if the woman willing to show, the man can open heart not against, but the man still overwhelmed others, or is mocking words and look. Four, ms aesthetic value still whitening white western men and women have always been in a beach bronze colour as a symbol of the sex appeal and health. Of be the rage of Japan in the east, a few years ago 'mountain laoyao' charcoal burner younger sister has declined, but the girls aesthetic whiten concept also from now on only the half, the pursuit of fashion, young and western pop idol worship Japanese girl is already on the summer beach frantically embrace sunshine, and impressions are greatly influenced by the fashion of women in South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in mainland China, besides a few star model and TV host, most women still adhere to the traditional concept of whitening, afraid to go to the beach in summer suntan the skin, don't even talk to expose large skin of bikini. But in the end, to the female's aesthetic standard is determined by the male, as long as China's most men prefer white women, Chinese women will be afraid of the sun.
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