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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 Introduction to recent is prevented bask in a product - to the fire Ice sleeve

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-08
In the past for a period of time, both in the domestic Tmall jingdong, or the amazon and other electric business platform, a product is a fire. It is what we referred to in the title of ice sleeve. Ice sleeve, just as its name implies is to use ice silk materials takes, its main role is to prevent bask in, plenty of people will also be used to match dress now. Ice sleeve have the function of the sun, set into the arm, will break to package the arm, not edge or fall off, wear is very convenient. Prevent bask in coefficient of the sleeve of the ice is very high, if it is short time stay in outdoor conditions, can completely replace the prevent bask in clothes. Ice sleeve not only effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent skin tanning, and very suitable for running, mountain climbing, outdoor sports like hiking, biking, now also is many on driving the necessary equipment. Used to make ice ice silk material of the sleeve are synthetic fiber, wearable surface will be smooth after a cool feel, elastic fabrics, frivolous breathable, when use, if somewhat spray gouache on the arm, can effectively reduce the temperature of the arm, very refreshing close skin. Some users will ice sleeve after washing clean, using sealed packaging, and then placed in the refrigerator cold storage after use. Hagrid red swimsuit factory recently had ice in help guests OEM production sleeve, the guest to provide material, hagrid is responsible for the production, processing in more than 2 yuan RMB. Welcome to interested friends to inquire: 13825005280 Mao Jintian. Hagrid red swimsuit factory pioneered in the 90 s last century, formerly known as couple silk her bathing suit factory. The new site is located in the town center in xiamen, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, particularly convenient companies coming inspection. Greg swimsuit factory is sea region one of the first professional production swimsuit factory, hagrid red swimsuit factory since its establishment is mainly engaged in a bikini, swimsuit, swim trunks, beach dress beach sportswear, development to yoga clothes, workout clothes, such as design, development and production. Hagrid, with a stable and efficient quality for the global more than 100 European and American famous brand of clothing suits provide OEM, ODM the swimsuit swimming trunks and related products. Greg swimsuit factory not only meet the domestic high-quality sea swimming. ltd. High quality fabrics, also won the United States dupont lycra fabric authorized the use of its production. Hagrid red swimsuit factory to undertake a undertakes to, if you have need, welcome to contact the sea Greg swimsuit factory. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini and yoga clothes, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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