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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 Spicy that's secret! The swimwear brand should let star supermodel rob to show the figure

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-13
Tianyi heat sisters was thinking about to go swimming, this time is need for wear what kind of suit again? Hagrid small make up recently was found on the social network a lot of Europe and the United States, the star of the supermodel in a swimwear brand - steal the show - - - - - Relleciga, even the German supermodel Olga Goloburda, Italian singer Jessica Brando referred for the swimsuit die-hard powder is its home! Whether it's design and clipping and what was unique about? RELLECIGA couple silk her bikini since 1999, development has become the world's star and supermodel and try to face the camera body of common choice, in terms of degree of brand RELLECIGA couple she is very accord with the identity of the stars and the supermodel temperament. German supermodel Olga Goloburda in their social network account PO out RELLECIGA couple silk clothes wear more RIKINI li gini spicy her photo. Olga wearing RELLECIGA couple series silk Lace Lace become love her bikini Jessica Brando referred Jessica Brando, a woman and beauty and intelligence. She has multiple identities: the five largest music company EMI one hundred generations, a famous singer, Adidas Adidas NEO series Europe spokesperson, ELLE fashion magazine one of the queen's model, etc. She is dressed in RELLECIGA couple series silk Lace Lace become love her bikini on the British version fashion magazine ELLE RELLECIGA couple silk bikini models, was very hot, is there? ? Began in 1999, RIDI technology design and research institute ( RELLECIGA couple silk by original unit) At the beginning of its establishment in Paris, France, for many years for the European stars and supermodel senior private custom swimsuit services, designers not only focus on the stars and supermodel figure, also study each person unique temperament and style, favored by high society of fashionable women. Hagrid red swimsuit factory RELLECIGA always provide quality production services, if you want to choose custom-made or development of euramerican style bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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