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【 The swimsuit factory original lecture hall 】 The summer sea, these environmental swimsuit you have a shape

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-11-03
In August the sorching summer, swimsuit is necessary in short to escape the heat. Bathing suits, the choose and buy, however, have you ever thought about its environmental attribute? Hagrid red swimsuit factory small make up to you to introduce the swimsuit, not only have their own style, more important, is the 'natural' sustainable standards. In person contact with water, the swimsuit is no longer made by oil extracts, and become the perfect medium you close to nature. The Reformation is we love The Reformation, because they always put environmental protection as The core position. Brand not only considering of the cost of the price, but also consider the environmental pollution brought by the discharge of waste in the production process, so they will be in each product page of the website to share information, such as carbon dioxide emissions and the number of gallons, tell you of the environmental impact of each dress. In this way, the total cost of the consumer can see create fashion, and promote brands continue to improve and solve the problem. 清醒的& Naked as a rookie in the environmental protection suit industry in 2017, Sober & amp; Naked launched the first series of 'tropical rain forest', using renewable nylon, abandoned fishing nets and plastic bottle recycling into stylish swimsuit. Founder Jana during a trip to Asia was surprised by the piles of rubbish on the beach, decided to create a swimwear brand, so as to inculcate the importance of protecting the Marine environment, is committed to using ECONYL? Fabrics and recycled polyester LYCRA? To make a swimsuit more flexible. 清醒的& Naked sports clipping design is very suitable for surfers. Colloyes 'movement', 'fashion' are the two characteristics of Colloyes, with the latest in the series, brand combining practical and fashionable, highlight the perfect female body curves, hagrid red swimsuit factory launched Colloyes brand more and artist Nicole Bazan cooperation, which is specially designed for Colloyes swimsuit a unique colorful midsummer printing series, the colorful artwork printed on the fabric. Colloyes, meanwhile, still miss bikini partner, they commonly used environmental protection material to produce high-end comfortable swimsuit, let women around the world reveal charm, show perfect. Amara Amara is a multi-functional, fashionable avant-courier swimwear brand. The bold line clipping make skin more exposed in various kinds of woven gap, sex appeal and enchanting, let your swimsuit is different. The designed by Lisa Jackson 50 s style of bikini, both for the green production, designed to reduce pollution, green environmental protection, protection of water resources, and monitoring of gases. Vaute Couture as a vegan fashion brands, the aim is to eliminate, the equations of animal fur from fashion using innovation, high-tech, sustainable textiles to create a more green fashion sheet is tasted. This season for the swimsuit inspired by the ruffles and s high fork design, using organic renewable fiber to create comfortable and fashionable, sweet retro bathing suit. Brand Emobi Emobi Australia's latest series of inspiration from gorgeous, inspire enthusiasm in the seventy s. Designer Jess Salter always focus on the use of environmentally friendly water-based dye, digital printing technology, all Emobi swimsuit in the process of production of minimizing pollution of beaches and waterways, but still keep the style of novel and fashionable, wear is impressive. 可能与 Hugo, described as the name May & amp; Hugo is by the Australian couple Emily May Tait and Marcos Hugo Bello brand was launched in 2015. Their series in handmade under high standards, use level of environmental protection in Italy fabrics as well as recycled polyester or nylon yarn production, the yarn from abandoned fishing nets, plastic bottles and waste carpet, at the same time, combined with bamboo fiber fabric, soft and comfortable, make costly contracted environmental protection suits. Aqua Green remember Marilyn Monroe that pictures of frilly dresses in white? The company specializing in the production of environmentally friendly swimsuit inspired, design all kinds of one-piece. Aqua Green channel not only actively participate in beach clean up, and their Eco Peace and Eco Swim series also strictly follow the Green production process, using environmental protection material and the new 'anhydrous' printing technology, combined with the holiday to design trend and Bohemian, fun is dye-in-the-wood. La Isla, the quality of California swimsuit company not only committed to the swimsuit and bikini design innovation, to ensure the quality of products at the same time, also kept keen to environmental causes. Their swimsuits use PREAD the fabrics of certification and PET recycling spandex swimwear fabric, since the company founded, donations charity every year, support a lot of charity work, such as 'Jean - 米歇尔·康斯塔的海洋期货协会”、“洛杉矶青年网络”、“第一个国家发展研究所”和“森林动物保护协会”。 Magda Kine Designs, tired of 'made in Bali' bikini with crocheted high fork, Magdalena Berger, launched its own swimsuit series of environmental protection. Every proceeds will be donated to Marine Megafauna foundation, and Hawaii two nonprofit organizations. Fabrics are imported from Italy, use ECONYL? Fiber, recycling of waste textiles and abandoned fishing nets, create surplus and durable elastic swimwear. Each printing design by Magdalena in Puerto Rico Isabela studio design, charming and fragile creatures of the inspiration comes from nature. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years hagrid swimsuit factory.
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