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When buying a hot spring bathing suit which should be paid attention to the details

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-10-03
Yodea when buying a hot spring bathing suit details which should be paid attention to the importance of hot spring bathing suits that can reflect the swimsuit manufacturer production to channel or is the use of material, more consumers better understand, also to avoid more disputes, as well as the existing problems. Name of hot spring bathing suits the fiber composition of chaos: a fiber, mark is not used, especially in the use of high-grade fibre. Second, do not use the names of the fiber to brand name instead. Three new fiber, such as the bamboo fiber random labeling; Fourth, create fiber name, cheat consumer. Let the consumer when the swimsuit wholesale clear hot spring bathing suit the requirements of the washing, but due to incorrect whether consumers when washing method is not correct, due to a high grade product.
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