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Women's diving athletes wear bathing suits and women's swimming athletes wear swimsuit have what distinction, why?

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-25
See appearance, diving woman mobilization wear swimsuit and swim woman wear swimsuit there are so many similarities, jumpsuits are high and low. But these two kinds of clothes or have slightly difference. Women wear swimsuit swimming do mobilization, generally made from cotton or polyester fabrics, smooth surface, monochrome or with decorative pattern. Competition with one-piece bathing suit required for the discretion of the dark. Women's swimsuit line mobilization, also want to accidental elements, functional, and high-tech perfect link. Swimming race to racing project, swimming mobilization of the pursuit of speed, bathing suit both briefs type, also have take pants suit, also reduce the resistance of the caps, style can be selected. Just in order to progress the result of the mobilization, will deliberately do the swimsuit very tight, the sample will reduce the resistance of water. Too tight clothes, to mobilize the made a bitter, see Fu Yuanhui by the appearance of the swimsuit play hurt to know. Women's diving line mobilization is wearing conjoined triangle competitive swimsuit, helps to reduce air and water resistance, make difficult moves and into the water for air pressure spray results. These swimsuit can foil travel to mobilize the body, but the defects such as poor permeability and too much tight, worn for too long will be uncomfortable. This company specialized production and wholesale all kinds of swimsuit at home and abroad, underwear, dust mask, children swimwear, bikini, beach pants, the hukou supplies and clothing, yoga clothing thereof welcome persons from all walks of life to inquire or to come to visit! !
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