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【 Xiamen swimsuit factory industry information. Summer how to choose the right swimsuit

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-12-19
The hot summer swimming is the first choice of the summer heat, so people choose appropriate swimwear also became a difficult problem, let me introduce how to pick the right swimsuit. How to choose the appropriate swimwear swimsuit material for one of the most common swimwear is divided into the following three: dupont lycra swimsuits: have longer service life than ordinary steel swimsuit, more suitable for one-piece. About how to choose the right swimsuit 2 nylon fabric swimwear: belongs to the medium price, of course, compared with the surface of dupont lycra swimsuits, solid degree is not enough, but the degree of elasticity and softness is close now the most common use of the most common swimwear about how to choose the right swimsuit 3 swimsuit polyester fabrics: this kind of fabric elasticity is small, restrictive, and belongs to the low swimsuit priced products, are generally designed to separates, not suitable for one-piece. How to pick the right swimsuit END swimsuit style 1 man swimsuit style is simple, only divided into triangular swimming trunks peaceful Angle of swimming trunks, men can choose according to their own love. About how to choose the right swimsuit about how to choose the right swimsuit 2 for ms, swimsuit style is varied, first wetsuit, the safest, most classical dress and swimsuit for shy woman is a good choice. How to pick the right swimsuit 3 flat foot type swimsuit: for don't want to show their women, flat foot bathing suit a bit more aggressive, but the downside is that it will let a leg is very short, so be careful choice. Boxer also suit to thinner thighs people wear swimsuit. About how to choose the right swimsuit 4 tall waist style swimsuit, alvine small woman, appropriate chooses tall waist style swimsuit, best match twill, to achieve to waist effect, also can deflect attention, achieve the result of modification about how to choose the right swimsuit skirt pendulum swimsuit: for ms hips flat, choice skirt pendulum swimsuit is very fit can not only beautify the hip line, from the vision and can show beautiful legs. About how to choose the right swimsuit 6 separates: the choice of fashionable woman, a good woman can choose, put on it was all show figure. About how to choose the right swimsuit seven v-neck even body type swimsuit: if your chest is very plump, waist, hip and very fat, can choose a big v-neck swimsuit, but design is not too loud, otherwise will affect the result. About how to choose the right swimsuit 8 bikini, bikini women seem to be all good figure have been patented, actually not much, as long as the choice of appropriate bikini, can cleverly disguised shape has shortcomings, let you show the charm. About how to choose the right swimsuit END according to the shape to choose the appropriate swimsuit type A Oriental female common chest small flat chest, if you want your chest looks more abundant swimsuit factory is full, you must choose A few chest with swimsuit style, because stereo feeling of the folds and can make the chest looks more round. If the effect is more significant, but again choose mei red, yellow and other colorful swimsuits, foil under the white color of skin, can make line is more prominent. How to pick the right swimsuit B type shape: fine waist hip width size of the type and try to correct the bodily form skirt suits and separates, can receive different effects. Can play a role to cover the hem of the skirt suits, but should pay attention to the width of the skirt, too tight can only play a role in contrast. Separates the room partition, among them has weakened the contrast of the waist and hips, and reduces highlighted the waist and the wide attention of the hip. If the hips plump, should choose the swimsuit with flat feet or short skirt type, upper body with more exaggerated pattern, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the hips. Because of exaggerated design has the effect of transfer line of sight, and shorts or short skirt can effectively cover the fullness of hips, exerting the effect of the modification. How to pick the right swimsuit H shape: the bikini is a good choice, can highlight the beautiful line, make the waist and legs look more slender swimsuit factory. But should be given priority to with plain color aspect, as far as possible to prevent choose bright colors and patterns exaggerated style. Although, of course, this kind of design can make a figure appear fuller that grabs an eye, but failed to make the figure appears slender. About how to choose the right swimsuit and coarser figure for ms waist is thick and short line, no matter in which style swimsuit, just good color collocation, can get the effect of the waist. A swimsuit and different color or design, is the best supplement, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, makes curve more exquisite. Also optional in bikini, visual focus is transferred to the upper and lower position, the waist so it seems as if a little thin. Leg thick as women players, it's ok to wear some high hem tailored suit. Although this will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender instead on the vision, make the line more aesthetic feeling, or wear pants on both sides of the side is the design of thin belt tied rope, which will make your legs look longer. How to pick the right swimsuit type 5 busty body breast enhancement should match the swimsuit, for busty lady, always felt uncomfortable often afraid to put on a bathing suit too. Just as well to consider the design of a head, both figure lines can be stretched, but also decreases the opportunity which is gone. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer of twenty years of xiamen sea gray suit factory.
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